Dishonored (LNC) LF: 1 Resto Druid/ 1 RDPS

Area 52
Dishonored raid team 3, the late night crew, is looking for (1 resto druid / 1 ranged dps) for its raids.

We go Tues, Wed, Thurs from 10:30 pm to 1:30 am server time. Would prefer a (spriest/lock/mage/boomkin) for our ranged dps position.

Drop a note in the forums here, or whisper Cleeze or Katay online for more information, or to set up a trial.

Hey i just transferred here from a low pop server after taking a 3 month break, and am currently looking for a ToT group. I just came back this week so currently only got exp on the first 2 bosses.
I have a 500 IL ele sham and am very interested in your guild. Your raid times are perfect for my schedule. What's your progression in TOT currently? Please add my shaman Dooknukem and whisp me when I'm on so we can chat :)

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