Absolute Eminence (lvl25A) is recruiting!!

About AE
AE. is an Adult Oriented Guild offering an atmosphere of gaming that can suit just about any type of player. We provide both serious and relaxed styles of raids, along with an open form of experienced leadership to cover all our player's needs. Our core membership consists of people that have been playing together since the Vanilla days of WoW and we would like to continue to grow our network of friends and progress to end-game content. We currently have two 10-person raid teams. The first team runs on Monday and Thursday nights between 7pm - 10pm central time. The second team runs on Wednesday and Friday nights between 8pm - 11pm central time (updated).

We are looking for geared ranged/melee dps and preferably a DK off-tank for our Alpha raid team:
-Druid (Boomy)
-Death Knight (dps/tank)

Current Progression:
MSV: 6/6
HoF: 4/6
ToES: 1/6
ToT: 1/6

Raid Schedule:
Monday 7-10 pm cst
Thursday 7-10 pm cst

Please contact Lugash or Tiamaishu in game for more information. You may also inquire about positions on our forums.
We have a recruiting post now?

Update: We are still looking for two DPS to round out the roster.

Two people that are willing to be on time, have a great attitude, drink some beers, and ideally have solid raid experience. It's all about having fun in an Adult Oriented atmosphere, so BRING IT ON!

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