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Currently all my characters do pvp and all of them are dps/heals and right now the only thing i have that can roll a tank spec atm is this monk ... i love the healing but its really OP and getting boring i thought about gearing for WW pvp but i wanna try something new - so i was wondering how is brewmaster for pvp? i kinda wanna be able to survive like a blood dk or prot warrior

ive looked on google/youtube and i cant seem to find any brewmaster pvp info that is up to date
so can anyone help me here?

Main question - Just how good is brewmaster pvp compared to other tanking specs?
From what I hear it doesn't look good, the people I've asked said the only thing Brewmasters seem to be decent for is flag carriers in RBGs. bu other than that ppl say they aren't good for arenas or even world pvp, even so I plan to gear up and play BM nonetheless because It's what I like and maybe, just maybe I can become the first Brewmaster to be successful in world pvp, don't care much for Arenas or RBGs.
It's not cut out for arena pvp at all. The reason being, brewmaster is a squishie spec when it isn't going through its abilities. In other words, its ability dependent for its damage reduction. This makes it extremely vulnerable to cc and kiting. If a brewmaster can't stick on you to build his chi and energy, he will melt. With the heavy amount of cc currently in pvp, its a no go.
kk tyvm
It is too bad because the no cd ranged aoe slow could be very useful in rbgs
Not quite sure how they could fix it either. Was thinking of a "every time you are cc'ed you gain chi" or after certain amount of damage you gain chi...Yet that doesn't even help if a bunch of ranged are zerging you and pinning you to the ground. No BoK and the chi won't matter. Unless something resets your guard perhaps.
Need PvP vengeance!
Brewmasters have next to no passive damage reduction. CC will completely destroy you.
In PvE Brewmaster has one GIANT weakness. CC of every type except for break on any damage. So if you have been hit things like sheep will get broken. Everything else causes us to die really fast. That weakness carries over to PvP real nice like.

We don't have a lot of armor, we don't have lots of health and any anti-magic abilities we have are not brewmaster specific.

What little I have pvped I did find it fun to cover the flag carriers by ranged snaring and stunning everything in sight. Glyph of clash and breath of fire... Brewmaster can be really annoying if they are being ignored.

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