Crop of the Day

My realm is Blackhand I have noticed that for sure since 5.2 came out that the crop of the day has NEVER been cabbage. I was just checking if it has been on other realms and my realm is just unlucky or if there is a bug that needs to be reporting.

I know it is totally random but cabbage should have come up at least once since 5.2 came out a month ago.
I've only seen cabbage pop up as the crop of the day once, and that was when I finally finished the 'Listen to the Drunk Fish' achievement
As I received the achievement before the patch, I haven't even looked at what it would be. I just plant Enigma seeds now and sell a good portion of the herbs.
I only have white turnip left and it never seems to ever be the one I need, been farming everyday for a couple months

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