recruiting for our core RBG team!

We are looking for strong core players to fill our RBG group that runs Wednesday/Friday from 7PM to 12AM. We currently are looking for players to fill the following roles:

Holy Paladin
Mistweaver Monk
Death Knight (Target caller)
Destruction Warlock
Balance Druid
Protection Warrior (Flag carrier)
Shadow Priest

Please note that we are looking for players with 2k+ experience in RBGs. Be properly gemmed/enchanted. You must also have a microphone and be vocal when playing.

Please either reply to the post or send mail in game to Cfunk, on the toon you wish to apply with.
hey im a holy paladin looking for a solid rbg team. i have 1600 experience in rbgs and 2.2k experience in arenas. i know you said 2k+ experience in rbgs and arena experience you probably dont care much about but just thought id reach out for a possible chance at a spot!
MW Monk looking for a spot. I added you in game.
Im a shadow priest and been looking for a spot on a RBG team for a while.
Drak #1184 is my battletag

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