what agilty gives as %

Hi I was wondering how much 1 agillty = attack power ( i think its 2 attack power im not sure).
And how much % it gives to dodge and crit rating any help from any master monk to help this novice monk out I will thank you alot /bow :D
The Warcraft wikis seem to be seriously out of date here so I can't give good data for pre-90s, but I'll give numbers based off of removing and adding gear. And given that we will always have Legacy of the Emperor buff (+5% agility) we'll always get at least 2.1 attack power per agility gained. Windwalkers with their additional 5% agility is more like 2.205 per point of agility. (Assuming bonuses are multiplicative rather than additive)

At level 90, it appears you need about 1410 agility for 1% dodge, and 1270 agility for 1% crit (as a Brewmaster, though values appear to be roughly the same). The amount of dodge agility gives is mostly irrelevant, because most of our avoidance comes from shuffle and elusive brew.

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