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So these questions are mainly aimed at Windwalker in pvp. I've watched many videos on talents, priority rotations, stats, etc etc but I feel like i'm doing something wrong. I don't feel i'm efficient as i could be. I wanted to pose some questions and kinda request from anyone that would be willing to discuss some tips to help me improve.

My priority right now is tigerpalm to get the armor debuff then rising sun kick then blackout kick until i can sunrise again. i usually weave in some expel harms and chi waves in there so i can keep myself up and try to time my stuns right. I may need some more gear but i feel like i should be doing more damage.

So here are some of my questions:

1: How do you effectively use roll to get to your target and how do you stay on targets? i use disable but i always feel like i'm not sticking as good as i want.

2: Is my priority that i listed above correct or am i missing something?

3: when is the correct time to use cds like tiger brew and bring out xuen? and do i need to set up certain things before i do use these cds?

Mainly i'd love for any tips and tricks that yall do that could help me and I'd appreciate any help.
This is actually something I'm curious about, too. I've been wanting to do PvP for a while on my Monk, and I even tried back in the earlier levels of his career.. but, I was down faster than I could blink.. then again, I was back in the early 20s when that happened.

I typically use a similar rotation as Putupyadukes, so my questions are summed up with his as well. Like him, I am Windwalker spec, as well.
Even with gear you still won't be doing a lot of damage until you get TEB fully stacked.

1) It's mostly getting a feel for it, the distance and speed, and in the longer fights against people whether or not they can anticipate and turn around before the roll is done. After that the only thing to do is to remember, if you are just barely out of range, then jump before you roll so you go a shorter distance.

2) Do RSK first, use chi wave off CD and in pvp expel harm off CD too pretty much.

3) Depends on situation. If we're talking arena, then when you can get the opposing team to use their defensives, and when you can put a good non DR-d CC chain onto the healer.

Other small random tips? Remember to use Paralysis not only as a CC but also a gap closer if you're being kited. Get the SFB glyph, its great for killing totems, and I've more than once gotten a killing blow with it while the enemy was at a bad angle to use normally/nearing LOS where a skill shot would have missed. Learn what situations are better to change out your talents, use ROP if theres a single melee, (hunter excluded) and diffuse magic if theres any casters. Leg sweep for double caster/caster healer team and healing elixirs for double melee or melee/healer.

gem slots: yellow = straight resilience (mystic's) green/blue = resil/power (vivid) and red = agil/resil (lucent). increase your hit so its 4%. Get a belt buckle, and enchant all your gear (assuming you're not holding out on these for better gear). After that you just gotta practice practice practice, take up arenas with anyone you can, do random BGs when there's no one available, duel different classes, especially the ones you have troubles with.
I do not roll to engage unless FSK is down and i need to be in somebodies face to stop something asap. i prefer to start with serpent kick for the slow and hit them with disable for root. i like to keep tiger lust for root and roll stacks to clear kite slows after that initial engage because they are going to do something like that.

i don't use tiger eye unless i'm in the clear to dump RSK and make sure only a single target will get FoF dmg and i plop out xuen in there also.

diffuse magic can clear frost nova if you almost have a mage/druid or any other magic root and they are trying to run and you need to break the root and don't want to waste/don't have nimble brew.

do make sure to not hit more than 2 ppl with FoF or the dmg is just crap unless you WANT to stun multiple people to stop several healers/ranged dmg/point cappers/etc etc. as for myself though i have the glyph to give me 100% parry during FoF so anybody who is stun immune from dr or is a dk with IBF on can't hit me and this will trigger swift reflexes during its channel for more dmg.

post above already mentioned using para on kiters to catch up
Oh and if a rogue is trying to run from you, and hes out of range of para and you're out of chi, use SE&F to keep him in combat, also good for a healer thats trying to drink if you're going for an OOM fight. Just remember to cancel it again afterwards, unless you are doing fists of Fury on a single target, then do that then cancel SE&F, since that is one of the few abilities that work 1v1 with SE&F.
Haste is overrated you only need a 5% ish to have a good energy regen go crit as maine stat
You have quite a bit of work ahead of you. Stat priorities for PvP should be Agility > Hit (3%) >= Expertise (6%) > PvP Power > PvP Resil > Crit > Mastery > Haste. Haste is not as important for PvP as Crit is and 2k haste should be all you need. As stated above you will want 80 Agility 160 Resil in your red slots, 160 PvP Power 160 Resil in your blue slots, and 320 Resil in your yellow and prismatic slots.

Something else to keep in mind is that monks are not a bursty class. They are a sustained damage class designed to wear an opponent down and outlast. 1v1 Monks are in a good spot except against certain classes. Monks are more or less a utility class there to help get the kill and provide support to a team unless you are going 1v1 or maybe 1v2 depending on the skill of the player.
My monk has more key bindings then all of my other characters

and id recommend getting a gaming mouse like the Naga or something if dont already have one
Haste depends on the monk, personally I go for a bit more haste than crit because I do not want to be energy starved waiting to jab so I can RSK for a kill, I like to know that as soon as I need to RSK I will be able to. My priority is mastery>haste around 3.5-4k>crit.
If you have no defensive CDs, start running preemptively. You will thank me on this one.
^ This is actually pretty important, I can't tell you how many times I have overextended w/o d cd's up only to get blown up ;(. Also make use of your transcendance it's an amazing tool in our box that we can use to escape bad situations or even hump warlock portals. Do your best to coordinate your burst with your partners (TEB) and don't forget to set yourself up for it aka full chi + energy pooling. Good luck in your adventure as a ww monk ;) I wish you the best of luck!
wow guys i didn't expect so many helpful tips! thank you all and i will start right away working on readjusting my stats over to crit and keep just enough haste. i'll try to put some of these ideas to good use.
pretty solid advice here. im running 3%hit 3% expertise>mastery>crit>haste. as a rule i dont reforge out of crit to get more mastery, the stats work too well together. basically, as much mastery as i can have, without sacrificing crit. i end up at 2.5% haste in current gear levels. seems fine to me, i never feel energy starved, and i have energizing brew should i need a boost of the yellow stuff. im grabbing all my bonuses from proper colored gems, every gem has pvp power, double damage trinkets. loving it.

i can share how i like to use my abilities and cooldowns together, no gaurentees that its the best way. i feel like uptime on target is only really a priority for me when im going for a kill. the rest of the time im concentrating on building up my TigersEye stacks. While being on target is certainly helpfull, its not the end all be all. if im being consistantly kited, instead of just blowing mobility cds to get on target, first i dump all my chi with glyphed spinning fire blossom. then i expel harm for a couple more blossoms. once im out of stockpiled chi, its time to figure out how to get some more. option 1, i just paralyze to catch up and jab. option two, if im not under pressure i can stop and jade lightning, option 3 i can flying serpent in and land a snare, option 4 i can hit something else that is closer in a group pvp situation. option 5, roll to target and disable. option 6, tigers lust sprint to them.

practice is the only real answer for getting used to the use of all your skillshot moves. fsk, roll, healing spheres, unglyphed SFB(yuck). i prefer to use chi torpedo for everything except arena 3v3. it flies farther, does damage and healing should i be out of normal rescources for either. and looks awesome....

i use xuen for 3v3 because while he is bad at targeting, and while his duration and cooldown seem overly long to me, he does do a nice job of covering the gap at the start of a fight when i have trinkets and weapons proccing increasing my attack power, but i lack the tigers eye brew to really lay down the smack. with him out multidotting i can concentrate on just earning and burning chi as fast as possible at the start of the match so that im in a good place to use my trinket again when it comes off of cd in 1 minute. i basically blow my trinket at the start of the fight to boost xuens damage for the first half of his duration, since i know that all my random procs will go off anyway when i make contact.

damage rotation for monks is pretty simple in theory, however there are quite a few debuffs/buffs/procs that you want to keep track of before you go for a kill attempt, unless your partner is ready NOW, then you just have to press your big buttons and hope for the best. right now my kill attempt sequence is pretty simple, basicaly every 25 seconds you have the oppurtunity to go hard into someone should you have a full stack of brew. the basic idea is to keep your buffs and debuffs up at all times, so that when you get a dancing steel proc or random trinket proc, you are ready to go with the rest of your damage.

from reading the pve guide here, i tried to learn the best way to use fists of fury. the short answer is that if risng sun kick wont come available during the FoF, and the tiger palm buff wont expire, and you wont energy cap, and you have at least 3 chi.....go ahead and FoF. id like to add in that for pvp you dont want to use it as burst if its gonna hit more than 1 person.

in order to meet all these criteria i just try to make the following situation happen once every 25 seconds or so. im at full energy with no chi, not on target. i expel harm and RSK as i connect, i feel like leading off with tigers palm means that i dont get the rsk cooldown working untill the 3rd global cooldown after i connect to target. i feel like i get more pressure if i focus on landing the maximum amount of rsk's during my uptime. so, expel harm, RSK, jab, tigers palm, jab jab. now ive got 5 chi, low energy and im ready to burst. i pop tigers eye brew and my on use agi trinket, RSK, Chi Wave and Fists of Fury. this spends all my chi in impressive fasion, and ive got 60 to 80 energy at the end of the fof channel for another jab and RSK.

at this point i should have 8 to 9 seconds left on my tigers eye duration, 13 or 14 seconds left on the buff from my on use trinket. i want to go ahead and use expel harm and or chi wave as they come up if ive still got good pressure. i want to land rsk on cooldown, and i want to black out kick for filler or blossom if im getting kited/peeled. once i loose pressure i just go back to building up tigers eye brew for the next combination of rsk/chiwave/FOF.

whew, long winded tonight.

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