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It's frankly sad how many people complain about the game, so you like normal raiding, great so do I, heroic I can't speak for that(do not have time or gear for it) but yea LFR is an easy way to cap Valor Points, its the only reason i still run the old LFR's 90 VP a pop, even though the majority of LFR players will never touch normal content in the WoW career's but that is their life not mine. As for dailys ya they suck but if you want bonus rolls in the current content you gotta do emm, and more VP here. As for dungeons I will say these are some boring !@# dungeons lol. Now that 5.2 is out and 522 gear is becoming very available as well as most people being in 496+ pieces heroics which are for around a 460ilvl have become a joke. I can moonkin tank the bosses and my friend healing wont drop below 90% mana, let alone the bosses do nothing different on heroic that they did on normal aside from a health and damage increase. If anything in WoW needs love ATM its the 5-man's, but blizz has said no to this so idk what to tell you except raid again if you want to have fun! Its really what i look forward to on this game every week.
you can't even clear HoF on normal was this thread a joke?
you can't even clear HoF on normal was this thread a joke?

Find a balance. There's hard stuff and easy stuff. I feel like I have a good balance now. Once I'm exalted I pretty much only dabble in the dailies when I want. I run LFR, a dungeon or so a week, maybe a scenario. Sure they are easy but I do those so I can raid normals, which is the harder content for me.

LFR is probably where I struggle the most. It is so boring but it's the best way to replace the previous tier's gear to help me down normal raid content.

Sometimes I run LFR on my alts just for something different, which it is with a different healer/dps class.

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I think the bigger issue is that he hasn't kept up with blizzard's comments on the matter, saying they realize this problem.

I'll admit given the current amount of time I spend on WoW logging into MMOC to check the latest WoW news isn't part of my daily routine. I'm glad they are aware there is a problem for a portion of the player-base with the current model. However them being aware of the problem isn't the same as them having solved the problem.

Find dailies you don't mind doing and just do those ... try scenarios. They reward a good chunk of valor as well for not much time.

Thanks for the non-troll suggestions. I agree that Blizz made lots of options to get the gear outside of raiding that you need for raiding (other then the coins). But all the options are equally easy. It doesn't matter if I am fighting solo, or in a group of three, five or twenty-five if the content is mind numbingly boring it is going to burn me out as long as I need to do it to gear for raiding.

The exception to this is the challenge mode dungeons which are at the right level of difficulty to keep me awake. If they rewarded coins and we were able to queue for them they would have solved the problem for me. I could have a good time banging my head off challenge modes with a few guildies and some pugs for a few hours a night and show up to raid with the coins and the valor.

Unfortunately they can't be queued for. I know why they can't, Blizz made it clear they didn't want to hear cries for nerfs from the same people who are the driving force behind the MoP heroic dungeon difficulty and while I don't really disagree it made them into an event that needs to be scheduled. As it stands now I have ten hours a week for scheduled gaming activities which covers raiding with one team. If I had twenty hours a week for scheduled activities I could handle capping in challenge modes and still have time to raid although I would still be missing coins and would rather be able to raid for twenty hours if I had time for it. But I don't, I have ten hours a week for planned group activities and ten hours (sometimes a lot more) for unplanned PuGs activities.

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Before you start armory trolling me with the usual "you didn't even full clear the current tier on heroic" comments that people always make regarding criticism of PvE difficultly

Its not really trolling. When people come in and complain about how easy content is, when they have not actually DONE the content, it is a solid valid argument that they in fact have no argument.

Doh, I told you guys not to do that!

The problem with armory trolling is in most cases people look at the wrong stats. Quite a few people in this thread looked at the first line and stopped reading right there to go pull up my armory and note my lack of current content kills and failure to clear the LFR that came out a month or two ago without managing to hang in there long enough to read the second line where I said I quit playing outside of logging in for a short time each week for social reasons a month before the current patch dropped. Understandably the same folks didn't see the next two lines where I took care to mention that normal and heroic mode raiding wasn't a problem for me. I've done enough of the dailies, heroic dungeons and LFR. In fact more then enough.


But that's always been the case.

Let's say we're back in Wrath.
• A player who does VoA runs will be better geared than one who does not.
• A player who does OS runs will be better geared than one who does not.
• A player who does heroics will be better geared than one who does not.
• A player who did the daily grind with Sons of Hodir would have better stats than one who does not.
• A player who PUG runs old content will be better geared (for alt spec if not for main spec) than one who does not.

It has never been true that you could hit max level, start raiding with your group, and expect that only raiding would be as effective at gearing your character than raiding in addition to non-raiding activities.

It seems to me that the amount of time needed to do non-raid activities in order to raid and the benefit to your characters gearing is much higher in MoP then in Wrath. Shoot most of the stuff on your list is raiding. Doing an Ulduar run in ToC was way more fun then facerolling LFR now because the bosses could easly crush a pug group. The heroic dungeons were pretty terrible back then but they didn't give coins and if I recall it was easier to cap emblems (if that what they were called, all mine turned into gold years ago) by raiding. Also the Wrath heroics did have a few good pulls mixed in with the facerolling. The first room full of ghosts in Hall of Refection comes to mind. No way I could have tanked that room pulling a pack then spamming an AoE ability with my eyes closed like I have been doing with full PuG groups in MoP dungeons less then a month after the expansion started.

The closest thing to dailies back then was the Hodir rep was less of a problem to suffer through since once it was done you never had to go back there again. Cata had it's short mandatory for raiding quest line in Firelands but again suffer through it and it was over soon enough. The problem with dailies in MoP is,


Now I know that Blizz can't make everybody happy and if they have to choose between keeping me and all the other players who like a challenging when gaming vs. keeping all the players who need everything to be faceroll easy or their little tear ducts start welling up they are going to look at which group is bigger and keep that group happy. And I know that the faceroll content group is larger and me and the maybe 500,000 (made up number) players who agree with me ultimately are an acceptable loss.

But I also think there is a middle ground that keeps everybody happy. The current model is not it, it leans too far to the faceroll side of gaming. What we would need is either to increase the rewards from raiding so the easy content was really optional or to provide some avenue to gear at the same rate as the people doing the dailies (which would include coins) that is both accessible (which means either is doable solo or we can queue for it) and has some monsters to fight who can kill a player who isn't afk.

The MoP model has burnt me out completely for the first time in all of my years of playing WoW. The bottom line for me is I need a game that is fun to play all the time. It is going to be difficult to keep interested in a game that I only enjoy playing half the time given that I have a lot of options.
I find it odd that, in a thread where you are arguing that all PvE content is easy, you are only acknowledging the easy content and not even really addressing how it prevents you from working on the "hard" content. Could you maybe elaborate a bit more on how the "easy" stuff prevents you from doing the "hard" stuff, because I don't quite see the connection tbh.

You may call it "armory trolling" but the truth is you have very little *visible* experience with the difficult content that is offered in this game. It's hard to understand your argument, or take you seriously when this is the case. You can take this as a baseless insult, but it's solid information unless you can provide more accurate info.

I do have one question that seems rather important - do you enjoy difficult content? What do you enjoy about it?
So you do not object to grind, just grind that is too easy for your tastes? And your suggestion is as vague as it can get ("some avenue", "some monsters", etc.). Your tone smacks of mockery anyway, so it can safely and easily be shooed away like an annoying fly.
I think what all of this is alluding to is that you are required to do so much to have a chance at doing the hard content available in this game. People may argue that you can skip doing your daily chores and whatnot, but good luck finding a guild that will allow you to stay on their roster if you don't put in the same work as everyone else. Have everyone on the roster not do this work, you say? Thats called intentionally gimping yourself. It's the same with using boss mods or not. The tools are there so we use them. The point the OP is trying to make is that the ability to even be able to do the hard content in the game should depend on your skill as a player, not how much time you can put into the game. While I can feel the same way about some of this, these are not my views. These are what I believe the OP is trying to convey. I do not enjoy getting 90 coins a week. Not one bit. I don't mind doing heroic dungeons or scenarios or even LFR on occasion to get my valor cap, but needing to do dailies to get 90 coins per week is wearing on me. I would much rather spend that time doing other things in game. PvP for example.
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The point the OP is trying to make is that the ability to even be able to do the hard content in the game should depend on your skill as a player, not how much time you can put into the game.

Every MMO has grind. It's a necessary component to a game as it provides a minor path of advancement for individuals that do not have the time required to be a serious end gamer. This is character progression outside of raiding. I've seen the way other games do this, and in my opinion, this model is the best by far. I've also seen other games try to do away with this and it's not been good for the game's overall health.

I can usually get all the coins I need for the week in 2 days of dailies (if I'm in a dailies mood) or a couple hours of pet battles.
A bit late, 3 pages, but you should update your title. It's pretty obvious people aren't going to read what you wrote because of the title , and what that usually means.

Just a friendly tip. :)
I know that I'm not exactly having much fun - the island dailies feel more like a chore that has to get done than something to look forward to. Nothing else matters with those except for getting the 90 lessers each week so you can get your 3 mogu charms. All the unlocked rewards are less than compelling.

Although I got farmville to exalted, I find that too much of a chore to do either these days.

The only thing that I do find fun is raiding, but it's almost getting to the point where yeah it's fun, but do I want to slog thru all the crappy stuff I don't like to get to the stuff I like?

Strange, I never thought my WoW journey would end with a "Meh", but there you go. When I finally say "Meh" to logging in, I'm gone.

Not there yet, but I'm pretty close.
LOL the OP restarted this dead thread.....
OP is just lazy. Nothing in the game is mandatory for raiding. You can opt to not do dailies and get by just fine. The hunter in my raid group barely logs on outside of raids, and we don't have an issue with him not having bonus rolls. Sounds like to me that you need to find yourself a new guild or different people to play with.
The game is too easy? Okay, I've got a challenge for you then, get the heroic version of the achievement "Ahead of the Curve". Then let's see how "easy" it is.

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