Low MMR team LFM xrealm

Currently in need of
Frost Death Knight
Disc priest
Resto druid/Resto shaman
MW monk/Afflic warlock/frost mage (not sure if 4 healers are needed)
Be willing to change talents, and listen to team leader. Be at least decently geared for pvp(if you are missing some, we will help you grind out the rest of the gear.)
Times will be decided on later(most likely later in the week for after arena cap.)

Current team:
Survival hunter(ME!)
WW Monk
Dps shaman(most likely ele depending on the teams needs)
Holy pally
Arms warrior(maybe, might be shadow priest if needed.)
Sub rogue

Vent required.
I'm always looking for getting together with a steady group.
I will contact you in game when I get home from class.
I probably wont be home and in-game until some time after 5:00pm MST.
Update: Frost DK found, don't need anymore. Really looking for a Afflic warlock and a Disc priest.
Update update, Lost the Dps shaman, LF a New DPS! Could use boomkin or DPS shaman.
My friend and I may be interested. 1800+ mage/2300 disc with no CR. Mainly looking to cap, but will push rating.
Will you be online saturday? I need to make a lvl 1 toon on your server so I can contact you. If not what time and day would i be able to reach you?
I can be your boomkin. #oak1914
I usually am on 9-12 est.
Update #3 New idea, just add my battletag if you are interested. #tsohg1520

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