holy pvp glyph battlehealer in bg's

i'm curious if any holy pallies use this glyph for bg's. i figure if holy is in the fray swinging for mana regen (SoI), then maybe this additional group-healing helps. but then again, it's 30% of very miniscule dmg b/c of the holy's 1h attack.

comments? is it really more viable for ret b/c of the big hits? i haven't tried it as holy, but i did try it as ret and yeah, the group heals are surprizing.
Terrible for holy. 30% of nothing is less than nothing.

For Ret, it's a fun glyph and pushes your healing numbers pretty high in BGs. I've never seen anybody use it competitively.
yea its good fun with ret. i still outheal most hybrids with that glyph even when I am spec'd into sacred shield. they dont have a chance if i am spec'd selfless healer. even outheal disc priests and other dedicated healers every so often.

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