Sunsong Ranch Plots, Alts, and You

I have five 90s all on the same realm, and I have the farm unlocked with at least 4 plots on 4 other characters. I'm trying to make the most out of my farm, and I'm curious as to how others do it using as many farms as possible (since it only takes like, 5 minutes per character to harvest, till, plant, and tend all crops).

So far, the only thing I've determined is to plant only Songbell and Windshear on my Tailor (to get more Silk for Satchels), and all Enigma on my Alchemist. I have every profession at 600.

What do you do, and what do you suggest for me?
If your herbalist is revered with Tillers, planting the enigmas on them might be more profitable, by a hair—you'll have to mail the herbs to your alch (if they're not the same character) but I believe only herbalists can proc the water/life spirits from the plants, which if nothing else are an extra bit of gold to a vendor.

Beyond that, a lot of it depends on auction house/trade chat prices on your server—on Bleeding Hollow, planting Songbells for my alchemist is a winning proposition because I can sell Riddles of Steel for a tidy sum and Enigmas for flasks and pots and such for characters who don't need Harmonies, whereas on Bloodscalp (a much lower-pop server) I've been sitting on about eleven Riddles for weeks and even at 30g per Harmony I'm unable to make them move (and let's not even talk about how frustrating the herb + herb goods markets are). By contrast, the lower-pop Bloodscalp has a much more lucrative vegetable market while I can't get rid of my witchberries on Bleeding Hollow for anything.

For the characters who don't have access to the trade good plants (enigma/songbell/raptorleaf/windshear/magebulb), plant whatever happens to be the plant-of-the-day (it should be the same across the server, so have someone who's best friends with Jogu ask before you log onto the less-farmed alts) unless there's a specific vegetable you need or which is selling exceptionally well (carrots, pumpkins, and white turnips on Bloodscalp, your mileage may vary).
All of the trade good seeds are buffed in 5.2.

The ore plant always gives you a Trillium Ore now (either white or black) and sometimes Ghost Iron Ore (they no longer give out Kyparite). If you have access to a sizable number of plots you can easily sustain transmuting at least one Living Steel a day.

You can essentially manufacture one Magnificent Leather a day using one set of plots on the leather plant, particularly if you have access to the new Magnificent Leather pattern where you only need 20 leathers to make one (instead of that utter rip-off 50 leather version).

The herb plant is the same as since patch 5.1.

I don't think too highly of the Windwool and Enchanting mat plants because I get those as a matter of course when doing dailies.

but I believe only herbalists can proc the water/life spirits from the plants, which if nothing else are an extra bit of gold to a vendor.

Nope, anyone can get those.
Work orders!

My enchanter alt is growing watermelon for AC and occasionally doing the actual dailies (refuse to do the Niazao Temple ones). Rep is growing by leaps and bounds.

Everyone else (4 total with 16 plots) grows according to their profession needs (Alchy & Scribe grows herbs, JC grows ore, tailor grows cloth), When my engi and BS gets there, they'll grow songbells. Hardly any mat farming/buying being done on my alts now. Good patch!
I have one farm with 16 plots. I just plant Enigma Seeds. Sell all the Golden Lotus. Sell half the other herbs. I make about 2000 gold per week doing this. Takes about 25 minutes per week to manage the farm.

If I wasn't exalted with every faction, I'd do work orders.
On my main I am currently planting songbells. I am replenishing my spirit supply after using a bunch to craft some starter epics for my Hunter.

On my warrior I am currently planting songbells. She is my blacksmith and is grinding through the reborn weapons so I am using a lot of spirits.

On my paladin I am currently planting snakeroot. I send the ore to my warrior for the blacksmith reborn weapons grind.

On my hunter (my newest 90) I am going half work order for Golden Lotus and half snakeroot. The ore goes to the warrior.

Normally, my 90s plant whatever I need the most of at the time so often I'll be doing enigmas or snakeroot. I only do songbells if I need to replenish spirit supplies. I like the work orders for rep on the characters that need it. The hunter only has access to the work orders for Klaaxi and Golden Lotus and since he's getting close to exalted with Klaaxi, I don't see much need in using work orders for that.

On my level 85-89 alts, I usually first plant any seeds I got from harvesting and then I fill in with whatever Jogu has predicted. I know it's not the highest yield way but it keeps my bags less cluttered when I'm not holding on to 5 different kinds of seeds waiting for Jogu to pick them.
I have characters with the full 16 plots.

Two are tailors, and one of them plants all 16 with cloth. This is enough to support both tailor's cloth creation, without using up harmonies.

I am leveling a blacksmith to 600, and have been generating ore on the rest of the farms to supply the blacksmith and JC.

Two characters have been getting Revered with, variously, Klaxxi, Shieldwall and Shado Pan to get access to gear. I combine dailies with work orders for fast reputation grinding. They got the needed rep yesterday, so on to next phase.

Recently, (as in, yesterday), I decided that I needed a whole lot more inks on my scribe, so all but one of the farms is going to be used for herb production.

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