Savage Roar

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rets inquisition takes longest to get, so stop your QQing
This is 100% false. If any paladin has an issue keeping this up, then they need to reconsider what to spend their HP on, because even in 450 gear as my ret, inquisition is easily kept up.

Savage roar requires energy. We use this 100% of the time, while as a ret, you are not screwed if you have 0 holy power, because you still get to use your HP builders. We HAVE to wait on our energy to do ANYTHING. I find the rotation to be nothing but keep up rip, rake, SR !00% of the time... Nothing else, very seldom do you get a FB in before 25% of the mobs hp.
Heh, as a druid I wish I had bubble / loh!
Our energy regen is very slow... so using 1/4 of your energy for a buff that's native to other classes

Our regen is far from slow and with sotf with is hands down the best pve talent with few exceptions it actually only costs 5 energy, we have the same base energy regen as rogues and monks, and while rogues get 4 energy every 1 second or so extra we get 2 from TF, however we also don't need as much energy as a rogue does do to the fact that rogue do most of there finisher damage via DD spells where we apply dots and we also have clear casting procs.
I'm sorry, but savage roar is not such a big deal. How is it any different than keeping Rake and Rip up? You can't deal good damage without keeping those up either, yet no one complains about them. Balancing 3 different buffs/bleeds is what makes feral a challenging rotation, and something that takes a while to learn. Besides, Ferocious Bite does terrible damage. Its main function is to keep Rip up after 25%, its not a huge damage finisher like a rogue.
So in summary, then:

  • PvPers hate it
  • PvEers don't really care
  • Ret pallys are morons
04/10/2013 07:25 AMPosted by Feathring
I'm sorry, but savage roar is not such a big deal. How is it any different than keeping Rake and Rip up?

Good point. Let's simplify Ferals, just so OP can be happy. Here's the new Feral "rotation"

1. Engage in combat.
2. Rip, Rake, Weakened Blows and Fairie Fire are all applied to the targeted boss, all with a 10 second duration, with one ability.
3. Savage Roar has been removed: Druids now just do 30% more damage on all abilities.
4. Auto-attack your way to victory.

04/08/2013 04:07 PMPosted by Morality

Rogue. Slice and Dice.

That would be a fair comparison, until you factor in that

1) It increases attack speed, NOT damage done. While both are needed to do baseline damage, Slice and Dice falling off doesn't neuter the damage of a Rogue's other finishers and combo point generators.

Unless Rogues have changed a LOT from when I last played a rogue (TBC), white damage is still a pretty sizable chunk of a Rogue's damage. I remember having an argument with a Rogue back in the Kara days about this. He was convinced that SnD was a filler move that you'd only use if you had no better alternatives for combo points. Did a combat log parse that showed him wrong.
The bottom line is there's little point getting worked up about SR because an ability or mechanic that costs resources (mana, rage, energy, chi) and will ideally be up as much as possible is common across classes (inquisition, shuffle, shield of the righteous, serpent sting, savage defense, everything in an affliction warlock's rotation, etc).

I'd only be concerned if we reach a point where SR causes the damage output of a feral druid to deviate significantly from the median of all classes. Ferals seem to be very well balanced at this point, at least according to the people at Blizz, who, you know, do this for a living. Plus it's been a while since I've seen significant feral changes in patch notes, further indicating that overall the balance is acceptable. So with this in mind, if the OP's suggestion of making it cost no energy were to be followed, what aspect would have to be nerfed to make up for it? Increase the cost of shred? Decrease damage of Ferocious Bite, Rip or Rake?
So in summary, then:

  • PvPers hate it
  • PvEers don't really care
  • Ret pallys are morons

its really just pvp that it sucks. with so much cc its common to have 4 or 5 points up on a target and get cc'd before you get that rip off, by the time you get back on target Sr has fallen off and you have the choice of a weak !@# rip or putting sr back up and trying to get 5 cp again before more cc hits you.
Please make it cost no rage please.

Are there any other classes that have to recast a single spell every 12 to 40 seconds that costs energy and combo points just to do the baseline damage expected out of a class?

Current mechanic doesn't provide fun or interest.. huge quality of life buff for ferals.

Monk, actually, lol. Windwalkers need to keep tiger power from tiger palm up at all times.
PvE wise, normally I don't care one bit about SR.. it's annoying, it's fustrating but it's there as part of the rotation.

It's pointless but meh.... I'd rather have it do something less crippling to the spec, something akin to S&D because that doesn't affect the actual damage of abilities but it does affect their sustained.

So far though H horridon is testing my patience with it, especially with adds that need to die in seconds.
I quit feral after playing it for 6+ years for 2 reasons:

1. Mandatory SR
2. Gutting the tank and DPS aspects into two specs without enhancing either of them
Here's what I hate about savage roar. The audio spam. You know, the bobcat noise.

In Cata, the bobcat noise was cool. The buff was sort of weak, so you almost never heard it. When you did, it was because some feral nearby had killed somebody faster than expected and had some leftover combo points on the corpse. That sound meant that a victorious cat was nearby-- look out-- buffed damage and maybe even a PS proc--- badass feral in the area!!! The buff to white damage meant he was going to be right up in your face too, not playing cat and mouse games, because otherwise the buff gets wasted. It fit the theme of the cat form perfectly. I loved the rhythm of the savage roar sound effect in battles. I really didn't care that the damage buff was minimal, it was still full of Awesome.

In MoP, here's how SR works. Before battle even starts, I am spamming it. The glyph lets you do that. SR has become essentially an energy dump (there is little reason not to cast SR when you have 100 energy if the battle is more than 1.5 GCD's from starting). Rawrrr! Rawrrr! Rawrrr! It's meaningless noise.

The only other time you hear it is when I've gotten a few combo points into a fight when I notice the buff is about to wear off. The bobcat noise now means "Um, I was going to hit you with a finishing blow, and that would have hurt... but instead I had to cast this d_mned mandatory ability without which my paws are as soft as pillows."

In other words, when you hear Savage Roar being cast, it means the exact opposite of what it used to. It's no longer feral, dangerous, and cool; now it's repetitive, pathetic, and lame.

I kill players while maintaining savage roar, am I less BA? =[]
The only thing I personally hate about it from a PvE perspective, is that it's simply a maintenance buff, nothing more. If you removed it entirely, baked 30% damage into Feral, there would be no discernable difference in damage values or how those abilities do what they do.

Yes in theory it would allow for a simplified rotation, and allow more Ferocious Bites, but it in essence is nothing more than a mandatory maintenance buff.

Savage Roar now increases physical damage done by 40%, up from 30%."

Do you like it more now?

Savage Roar now increases physical damage done by 40%, up from 30%."

Do you like it more now?

=O Please link what you found.
I'd like to see more opinions.
Do you like it more now?

If anything I hate it more than ever that so much of our dps is tied up in a stupid maintenance buff to the point we're gimped so many ways without it. Even rogues can survive without S&D up, as that doesn't affect the damage of their skills, it just affects their long term sustained dps.

SR as it is, is just bad design.

I don't mind having another finisher button to press, but SR is just all kinds of stupid.
I think you might prefer a different spec or class. Savage Roar isn't new and it's needed to balance damage between PvE vs PvP.
I think you might prefer a different spec or class. Savage Roar isn't new and it's needed to balance damage between PvE vs PvP.

I've been feral since BC. I wasn't too keen on SR during wrath but with ArP back then it wasn't as crippling.

SR in cata was ok, still had to keep it up but it wasn't such a massive chain.

Now it's going to 40% increased damage it's starting to get stupid.
It's a huge buff. Across the board for all our abilites. Waraila you have been complaining non stop for a year now about this. By now its time to suck it up and just play to the best of your ability, or straight reroll.

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