Long time 2h Frost, may switch to Pally. PvE


I've been a long time Blood / 2h Frost DK, but I'm really starting to feel like I need to switch things up. I also have a 90 Guardian / Feral, but Feral DPS really bores me in PvE.

That being said, I'm considering rolling a new Paladin. I have an 80 from back in WotLK, but I feel like stuff has changed so much I would prefer to just roll a new one. My concern is basically based on rotation. Frost is very fast paced, I always have a button to press.

As far as Ret goes, I realize the rotation will be a bit slower, but for the most part, is there always something to do now? I gave up Ret back in WotLK when I found myself auto attacking for several GCD at a time when I ran out of buttons.

I'm not concerned with frost vs ret dps. Pretty sure everyone would agree if that were my only focus I would stay with the DK. I just want something I can enjoy that has a solid tank spec. I love Brewmaster, hate WW. Like Guardian, don't like Feral. Don't like Blood, like Frost.


Be my savior Paladins =/ Tell me I will like Prot and Ret lol.
All i'm going to say is that Ret is going to feel sloooowwwww
I'm a long time Ret (since WoTLK 3.3 and BK on privates, but that doesn't count) and I've leveled DK recently. From my experience Ret has much more fluid rotation. You pretty much don't have to care about diseases, you don't have Killing Machine Procs without runes, you don't have to sacrifice one ability to use another. With Ret you just follow the priority, manage a couple of cooldowns and have fun. The only annoying thing can be Inquisition (30 sec buff that requires major resource), but that's very similiar to runes (Pillar of Frost/Obliterate share a rune for example).

Download CLCRet addon, it's a priority management addon for rets, which makes things much easier.

The thing that I really miss on my palli is huge Obliterate crits. Floating numbers will be a little less inspiring with Ret, unless you're on CDs.

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