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and yes I'm back.

RIP Garona
Well, Veterans is looking to be one of the 'new' main raiding guilds. #8 on the server and climbing. It may not seem like a lot since it's Garona, but I'm damn proud of it.

EDIT: Also...Vida is a guild bank ninja. I was in Whole Sick Crew when he tried to clean it out, claiming they wouldn't have any of it 'if not for him raiding' and they were 'nothing without him'

We were friends, but he just...changed.

You must have known the entire situation.

Unless someone has stolen your account...then yes I was privy to a lot. Privy to the fact you tried to blame another guy (who ended up transferring off the server because of the backlash). Prim? Prin? Can't remember exactly what name his warlock had. And you trying to lie your way back into good graces with Ultima, but your stories not really matching up with the same load you were feeding me as well. Why I removed you from my RealID friends list and stopped talking to you.

You just wanted more and more power, and true Grave is a terrible GM...the way you went about it was awful. And you lost a LOT of respect in everyone's eyes. And when I learned the truth you seemed less like a Robin Hood and more like a damned thug.

But who knows. Could just be recalling it poorly. I was over a year ago.
Naw, you recalled it correctly, I am a thieving garona super star who was too good to join bleeding edge content guilds. acted like a #!!!*%#* after. *shrugs* So I wasn't exactly sorry to see you go.

I think, now at least, you were more upset it didn't work and you were caught red-handed instead of the fact that your name was 'mud'
Don't think I could have put it better myself!
RIP Garona

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