Peek Hours

I've tried to find relevant information/threads but couldn't find anything. I am thinking of transferring over to this server with my guild and was wondering when the peek hours of this server were. Thanks in advance for any helpful information :)
the majority of progression guilds raid between 7pm and 1am server time during the week.
And expect 30-60 min Que wait times during prime time tue/wed and varied other days
Pretty much what's already been said. The server has a lot of guilds that raid from 8pm til 1am Est and that's usually Tuesday through Thursday.

And yes, expect queue times when logging in after around 5:30pm Est and they can be up to and past an hour. And you'll see this pretty much 7 days a week, so bear that in mind, you might be waiting a half hour or more for several of your raid members to fight their way past the log-in boss.

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