85 balance druid twink

Got this here balance druid that I'm going to park at 85 until Blizzard lets my 4th would-be 90 fly in Pandaria ahead of level cap, or I get over the mental hump of having an instant cast epic flyer that can't fly.

Anyways, I've got 600 scribe for the shoulder enchant upgrade and was thinking about dumping herbalism. I'm not going to be running around Pandaria, so I don't really need herbs to fuel my inscription anymore. I was wondering what profession you guys might recommend. I mostly spend my time on this char solo'ing older content and/or helping others with similar endeavors.

My first inclination was tailoring since I could manage that without an associated gathering profession and is right up a caster's alley. Wanted to get the input of others before I make the plunge though.
If you enjoy older content I'd go with an enchanter instead. The level sixty raids drop things that become large brilliant shards and illusion dust, making them a great place to farm the mats for BOA enchants. Just remember to disenchant the blues and greens and vendor the purples. Those crystals aren't worth much.

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