[H] <The Kor'kron Legion> Now taking Spiders.

Moon Guard
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I liek chocolate milk
SKULL I hate you.
Just 'cause.
SKULL I hate you.
Just 'cause.

oh my gosh you're the rudest person ever

#2 horde fanboy
If Lor'themar is new warchief? Depends what happens to the Kor'kron lorewise as a whole.
For the Horde!
Panda's for the Panda god.
Just going to leave this here,

I'm going to it and can't wait!
So, myself and a few of TKL seem to have issues with Right from Left....

I don't see the KKL being happy to serve a blood elven warchief.

Though the hilarity that would ensue would be awesome.
It would be a little hilarious.
This wait for 5.3 is UNBEARABLE
Blood Elven Warchief?

Eh, I would be pissed, but not enough to quit WoW and stop RPing.
Can we have our hair back now?
Meh if a Elf becomes Warchief, nothing to do but suck it up and serve! And no hair for you.
This wait for 5.3 is UNBEARABLE

It's udderly maddening.
Bellsa for Warchief. Skull shall serve her well, in constant awe of her beard. She will make the dwargen race and rule with an iron fist. She might even create the dorc race, or maybe the dwolls.

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