2012 Razer Naga MMO Mouse; Worth It?

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Strongly considering buying this mouse today... Currently on sale at Best Buy for $65 from $80. I think it looks pretty great. 12 buttons, 5600 DPI, wired. Just some questions for any current owners.

Do you enjoy using it?

How accurate is it? Does it control fluidly?

Are the buttons responsive? Do you use the buttons frequently? Are they small, or are they fairly easy to use?

Is it really bulky, of light and maneuverable?

Is it really worth the money?

Any additional information would be great, I'm not sure quite what else to ask!
I really like my Naga Epic. At first the buttons seemed small, but after a week or so of using it I have grown to love it. Every other row has notches in the buttons so you know where your thumb is placed and which button you are pushing. It is fairly light compared to the weighted mouse I used before and comes with adjustable sides so you can choose which one fits your hand the best. After using it, I don't think I will be able to go back to playing with mostly keybinds and only a couple mouse buttons. I now have pretty much everything I need bound to my mouse and the 12345 keys on the keyboard which makes it easy to move/cast and play without unnecessary button presses or movements.
I'm just worried about how incredibly awkward it will be to get used to my rotation on it, being so much different than a traditional keyboard&mouse setup... I afraid I may hate it, but the convenience of all the extra buttons looks amazing.
Uhm... I just found out that this thing !@#$ing glows.

Done deal.
There are considerably nicer and more functional mice (eh?) but the naga is both shiny and functional.

If oyu have a bigger budget, there are nicer options. I like my naga. It was an impulse buy at 2 am at the local walmart, and it has held up well.
In my experience from the one you want and the one I have, I'd say go with http://www.razerzone.com/store/razer-naga-molten. Although I have the blue naga, it is the same as the molten just diff glow design.

One major problem I hate about the naga epic and the one at bestbuy currently is the two button behind the mouse wheel. On the molten naga the buttons are to the left close to the index finger giving you quicker response and an un-awkward feel from my experience from having the two. Also the molten naga has a soft feel on the top mouse button clickers, on the new green naga it has a rough dry feel.. no idea why they changed it but I can't stand the feel. I got my g.f. the Razer naga and the nostromo and she's using both with no problems, so you will get use to it then never want to play without it.
Thanks guys, I went ahead and picked it up! God I don't even know what to bind to it...

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