Tank & Hunter Looking for guild

Shattered Hand
My wife and I are looking for a guild. I am an iLvL 500 monk tank and she is 502 BM hunter. We're pretty laid back and have pretty much geared ourselves, through LFR. Looking for a progression guild that is either in ToES or already progressing ToT.

I have a few alts that are close to 90, my main alt is my 88 rest druid who will be LFR ready as soon as he hits 90 thanks to my LW ;)

We are looking for late night raiders, I work 2nd shift (4-midnight server time), but I am off on Sun-Mon and can raid any time on those days; prefer late night raids though so that we can get in more than twice a week.

Either reply here or send me a tell in game: Crouchinbull

I think your best bet will be to establish yourself as a raiding guild for the time that you want as I haven't really seen any guilds looking to raid so late. Recruit specifically for late night raiders and you may get yourself pretty well established. Best of luck, -J

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