[A] <Spark> 10M || 1/13H || LF 1 Tank

Short version:

Site: http://spark.guildomatic.com/

Real ID: deansostewow@gmail.com

In-game: Slippykins


- Prot Paladin: *high* priority (preferable)
- Prot Warrior: high priority

Raid times:

Tues/Thurs/Sun - 9:30pm to 12:30am (PST, server time)

Loot rules:

Loot Council

Long version:

Spark is a dedicated hard-mode guild, recently formed from the remnants of FUROR on US-Cenarius. We are a light-hearted bunch, made mostly of older players, and take our raiding seriously. We have just achieved 1/13H, focussing on H Ji-Kun (we'll get a kill on Sunday).

Our current recruitment needs are sparse, as we only run one 10 man group to avoid guild drama, and have an immediate opening for any dedicated tank looking for a snug home with a fun but fierce atmosphere. However, we are specifically looking at any Prot paladin applicant.

We raid three nights per week (Tues/Thurs/Sun), and are more of a late night guild (9:30pm-12:30am). Raids may be extended by up to half an hour if we are near a kill. We expect 100% attendance from our raiders, barring extraordinary circumstances.

If you would like to apply, please feel free to hit me up on Real ID (deansostewow@gmail.com) or in-game at Slippykins, and we'll schedule an interview. Alternatively, send in an application on our guild website.


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