Garona Active Guild List - 2014

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Since everyone is kinda wondering if Garona is indeed 'dead' or not, I've decided to create a list for the currently active guilds, their websites (if any), what contacts there are for said guild in-game and their play styles (Hardcore raiding, casual leveling, etc).

The reason for this is to give new people to Garona something to go from, and to maybe let people who otherwise had no idea a certain guild existed a chance to join. I will be updating this list either monthly (double checking the info I've been given) or whenever a guild gives me their information. Please reply below or contact me in-game (PMs and mail are fine) with the following:

Guild Name: (Obvious)
Side: (Horde or Alliance)
Type: (Hardcore Raiding, PvP, Casual, Leveling, 10m, 25m, etc)
Website: (If any)
Contacts: (Anyone you would like for people to contact in-game with any questions)

I realize there is the guild find function in-game, but this gives people a chance to give a little more refined info than a few check boxes and a small blurb about their guild. Also to prove that Garona is in fact NOT dead. Just quiet ;)
Alliance Guilds - PART 1
<Absolute Eminence>
Casual Raiding, 10man (normal & flex) currently 1/14 Heroic
Raid Times: Alpha, Mon&Thurs 7-10pm
Contacts: Luglockdown, Wulfsfury

<After Dark>
Type: Casual, levelling, social guild soon to get into flex raiding
Website: none
Contacts: Taiyya or Raykin

now recruiting 85-90's and gearing. will have flex, normal and heroic raid schedule soon
still open recruitment for all classes
Level 25 guild
Looking for MATURE members

Core raid style. 10 man
Looking for 1 lock

<BloodBath N Beyond>
10man Semi-Hardcore Raiding, no drama mature crowd (mostly ages 25-40)
Contacts: Dohzer/Rashnburn (guild leader), Felysia (recruiter, we call her tha Govna), Latrice (loudmouth, frequently in trade chat)
See More Details on Page 4

<Breaking Bad>
Type: Casual, Leveling, Old School raids, 10m, pvp
Website -
Contacts - Crianna, Ebonsworn, Braedynn

Semi-hardcore raiding
Contacts: Mildennais (Guild Leader), Dailorius, Rozalia.
We're currently on break until Warlords, but will be recruiting during 6.0.

<Carls Van>
Casual 10m weekend raiding guild
Contacts: Molamalu, Artblade, Spazzio

<Clan Wilkes>
Casual NO DRAMA guild; Raiding LFR
18 years or older members only
Been active on Garona since 2006
Contacts in game: Caliswilkes, Manniswilkes, etc (they all end in wilkes), Kaedence, Keelus

Casual 10m raiding (currently recruiting!)
Contacts: Thiban, Nierte, Sinidar

<The Comeback Crew>
Currently raiding normal 10 man SoO. Goal is to build multiple 10 man raid teams and a 10+ raid team as well as a 20 man team once 6.0 drops.
Raid times are 10:30pm-12:30 tues/weds/thurs with the occasional weekend raiding.

<Council of the Dedicated>
Contacts: Anyone in the Guild can direct you to who you need to speak with

<Dark Raiders>
LFM to rebuild.
ATM - leveling/social guild, but we will expand as we get active members and can build groups.
NOTE: This guild is family friendly.
Contacts: Agnot AKA Kraloth, Egad, Ubix, Nadari and Noesir

Raiding: 10 man
Currently looking for a healer (Disc/Rshammy or a MW)

<The Empire>
Winging It 11/14 Heroic, Bravo 10/14 Heroic, Alt run is clearing regular every weekend.
Casual Raiding 10M Heroic - Casual PVP - Gearing alts at this point.
Contacts: Winging It Sledneck/Psychotik/Crazybish, Bravo Juell/Therus

<Everyday We Shufflin>
Casual 10m-12/14 Normal SoO
Contacts-Brandmire, Azzura, Mandabrook
Recruiting all, special interest on Priest DPS/OH

Semi-Casual / 10 Man Raid / 2-3 Nights
Contacts: Turbine, Ylnevaeh, Ishotjr

<Godfathers of WoW>
Casual 10 man, Heroics, LFR, Social
Contacts: Silvarna, Glyniss, Crystlyn, Audsley

<Graveyard Knights>
Raiding - Looking for a guild to team up with for SoO Flex and TOT.
Looking for more gearing 85+ to continue to build raiding core - Need DPS and Heals.
Casual family friendly guild, with some ex-hard core raiders. New Player and leveling player friendly. Accepting all levels as well.

<Lost Soulz>
Type: Hardcore Raiding, Casual, Leveling, 10m, 25m, etc
Contacts: Seriphemn, Vincenza

<Macto Madidus>
Semi-Casual Raiding (10m)
Contacts: Inq (gm), Pappaslick (officer)
Recruiting all, esp tanks and heals.

<No Comment>
Not much full group progression, about 4/14 normal 10 guild group.
Semi-casual raiding, weekends, have vent, looking to expand raiding opportunities into WoD.
Contact Hüuflungpoo, Elmarolly, Beardeternal, or myself.

Very light schedule;
Raid days: Wednesdays and Fridays 9:00pm CST - 11:00pm CST (We often stay late on Friday night if raiders don't work on Sat morning).
Flex (14/14); 25 Normal (2/14)
Contacts: Bear, Ovise, Zg

Raiding 10m Mon-Friday early evening tier 14 Saturday-Sunday ToT
Contacts: Mercion, Sioned, Svenuk

<Ok Who Pulled>
Casual 10m Raiding
No Website
Contacts: Huh, Ezen, Nibblès (alt 9866 è)

Alliance Guilds - PART 2
<Phoenix Ascension>
Type: PvP - Arena, RBGS(Alliance side not sure), BG's
Website: ( If applying mention Miyogin)
Contacts: Alliance - Evisolane, Evisalane, Bitaken, Denubis, Vreid, Perknasty
See Post on Page 4 for more Details.

Serious Raiding with Casual Atmosphere: (2 SoO Normal Groups), Casual PVP War Games and BG's.
Contacts: Packetstorm, Leemandar, Levora, Malgro, Gwenydd, Nikatah

<Problem Child>
Casual 10m Raiding
No Website; Looking for tanks and healers.
Contacts: Ubadai

<Psycho Squirrel Patrol>
Casual, Leveling, Occasionally raiding
Contacts: Daddy (officer), Kethlyr/JulianBashir (GM)
Everyone welcome to join. STRONGLY recommend looking at website first though.

Semi-Hardcore 10-man Raiding (14/14H), PVP, Achievement Runs, Etc
Contacts: Amawyn (GM), Ileff (Raid Leader/Co GM), Historyx (Officer)
Recruiting for WoD to expand for mythic raiding. Also, always taking in new members who enjoy other aspects of the game as well.

Type: Raiding (Has Stopped Raiding for This Expansion)
Website: none
Contact: Rhenz

<Shinra Inc>
Casual, Old School Raids
No Website
Contacts: Fharya, Captpickles, Imelturface

Website: Inprogress
Contacts: Swolberham or chîefkeef (alt 141)
See Details Page 4

<Timey Wimey Stuff>
Old School Raids
No Website

<Top Notch>
PvP Focused (RBGS, ARENA)
Recruiting all classes for Start Up RBGS, Level 20+
Contact: Actîve in game, thanks

<Veterans of Wrathgate>
Semi-Hardcore 10m Raiding
No Website (Yet)
Contacts: Distant

<Walls of Asgard>
10m Casual Raiding; Ok with gearing up fresh 90s
Website: None
Contacts: Besmara, Junbúg

<Way Too Serious>
Type: Casual
Website: None
Contact: Anyone
See post on Page 3 for more details.
Horde Guilds
<Band of Blood>
Casual Raiding 10m - PVP - Leveling
Contacts: Sightblinder, Unholy, Hunee

<Dark Energy>
10m core group is 2/14H working on heroic progression. Fri,sat 8:20 and sunday at 6.
2nd group is 7/14N and starts at midnight on fri and Saturday.
Recruiting Tank
Pref: druid,monk, or warrior
Raid times: fri,sat, 8:20pm st then sunday at 6:00pm st
Contacts: Candath, Miros, Wrathwyn, Ology or Ninjaturtle.

10 man raiding Saturdays 7-10 server; Always looking for more to join
Currently looking to set up a weekday run
Contact: GM-Lwoxana :) Also Beepee or Spankadin

Casual/leveling/starting raid group for weekends
Have Vent
Contact: Galahxy, Aquillah, Ohrian

<The Dread Legion>
Type: Casual, leveling
*Open recruitment for all classes and levels.*
Contacts: Feel free to contact anyone on in guild for an invite.

<Focus Fire>
Raiding : 10 Man Heroic Progression Guild (Currently Planning on 20 mans for WoD)
Raid Times : T/W/TH 7:30pm st - 11:00 pm st
Contacts : Donmori , Aniravia , Lichensoul, or Zercury
Shoot any of the above names a tell with any questions you have!

Morning/Daytime 10m Casual/Semi-Hardcore
Still making progression happen while having fun. (8/14 h)
Contacts: Grimcourse, Zindalia , Meltage , Azazyel , Ralcar

10m Raiding, 2 Evening Groups (Tue-Thur; Sat & Sun)
Contacts: Havoc, Whiskeysour, Miramber

<The Resurgence>
Semi-Hardcore 10m
Contacts: Bretz, Hoax, Drthrall, Bannedforlife

Semi-casual schedule with a hardcore attitude. 10-man, soon to be 25-man raiding & PVP
Raid times: Tues/Wed 7:30-11:00 server
Contacts: Lykie (GM) Bootszz (Officer) Bobhunt (Raider)
Currently working on flex and 10 man SoO. Looking to expand to 25 man. Please contact Lykie, Bootszz or myself if interested. Need 1 or 2 more healers and some dps.

<The Secret Cow Level>
Raiding 10 man on Saturday evening
No Website Currently
Contacts: Bubblemoo
Race restricted: Tauren only
No exceptions except for my wife's BEs because she makes me nanner pudding

<The Squirtle Squad>
Raiding 10 man( Tuesday and Wednesday night)/ PVP
No Website
Contacts: Pidgeot or Cowtch

<Sylvanas For Warchief>
Social/VERY Casual 10m Raiding Guild
Currently not Recruiting
Contact: Ðizzy/Ðelete/Ðirt/Chemtale (GM), Azfip/Daex/Zoyko (co-GM), Zariva/Zyriva/Zeriva/Soyi (Officer), Miteesk/Grischien (Officer)
NOTE: Please see Updated Recruit Post on Page 5

<Throws Rocks>
Recruiting all races, classes, levels.
Social guild building to Flex/10 man raiding
Contacts: Cooder, Kossun, Vaas

<Twilight Circus>
Semi-Hardcore (Two 10-man groups, 3 nights of raiding)
PvP: Casual (RBGs one night a week)
Contacts: Humphries, Kenzos, Merrindor for PvE, and Untrax for PvP

<Two Dollar Hordes>
Type: Leveling/Casual/Social
Website: None (for now)
Contacts: Sabann, Lithelindra, Grizhnakh

<Will Pvp For Food>
Semi-Casual Raiding (10m)
Contacts: GM:Erienna, Houdinii or any officer
Looking for dedicated Raiders and all lvls and classes, Pvp: Rbgs...Friday nights at 8pm server

<Zug Zug>
Hardcore 25m Raiding, 10m Raiding, PvP; LF Raiders willing to do 4 nights a week, Pref. Shaman DPS
Contacs: Temujin, Verolish, Kellathas, Tinkerbell, Moola
Reserved 2
Alliance, Problem Child
10m casual raiding guild.
no website
contacts - Ubadai (Some others but I don't know if they'd like to be mentioned.)
Looking for tanks and healers.
Zug Zug
Hardcore raiding 25 man(need more people), 10 man, and pvp
Contact: temujin, verolish, kellathas, tinkerbell, moola
Looking for raiders willing to raid 4 times a week.
Looking for dps, any dps would do but a dps shaman or druid would be nice
Casual 10 man
Contact: Vida
no website
Looking for raiders tuesday/wednesday heroic DS progression.
Need DK tank
Casual (Old School Raids)
Website: None
Fharya, Captpickles, Imelturface
Ok Who Pulled
Casual 10m
Website: n/a
Contact: Huh, Ezen, Nibblès (alt 9866 è)
Hi Distant, thanks for putting this together! :)

Twilight Circus (Horde)
Raiding: Semi-Hardcore (two 10-man groups, 3 nights of raiding)
PvP: Casual (RBGs one night a week)
Contacts: Humphries, Kenzos, Merrindor for PvE, and Untrax for PvP
Hi Distant, thanks for putting this together! :)

Twilight Circus (Horde)
Raiding: Semi-Hardcore (two 10-man groups, 3 nights of raiding)
PvP: Casual (RBGs one night a week)
Contacts: Humphries, Kenzos, Merrindor for PvE, and Untrax for PvP

You're welcome! The list is now updated.

And the fact you guys have a youtube channel...I <3 you. If I weren't GM I'd jump ship ;P
<The Resurgence> (Horde)
Raiding: Semi-Hardcore
Contacts: Bretz, Hoax, Drthrall, Bannedforlife
Everyone should like and sticky this thread!
(Sorry for the interruption :D)
Updated! Sorry for the delay, had a few issues come up and lost track of it.
<LOST> (Horde)
Raiding: Morning/Daytime Casual-semiHardcore 10man atm
Contacts: Grimcourse, TheHurter, Lichensoul
<Walls of Asgard> - Alliance
Raiding - casual 10 man, ok with gearing fresh 90's to develop raid team
Website: None
Contacts: Besmara, Junbúg

Edit - we didn't get any responses so we're not recruiting anymore.
[quote]And the fact you guys have a youtube channel...I <3 you. If I weren't GM I'd jump ship ;P

I would've jumped ship if I saw that and was in your guild.
Onslaught - Horde

Group 1 (tues-thu evenings) - 10 man
Group 2 (Saturday & Sunday evenings) - 10 man

Website: Somewhere
Contacts: Havoc, Whiskeysour, Miramber

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