Garona Active Guild List - 2014

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My guild knows I'm full of crap, and mostly joking when I say such things.


...Also, Updated list!
<Carls Van> - Alliance
Casual 10m weekend raiding guild
Website - None
Contacts - Molamalu, Artblade, Spazzio

Edit: Guild has died :(
If everyone on Garona got together you could have a whole 25 man!
<Godfathers of WoW> - Alliance
Casual 10 man, Heroics, LFR, Social
Contacts - Silvarna, Glyniss, Crystlyn, Audsley
Obscurity Alliance

Raiding 10m Mon-Friday early evening tier 14 Saturday-Sunday ToT

Contacts Mercion, Sioned, Svenuk
The Secret Cow Level - Horde
Raiding 10 man on Saturday evening
website maybe in the future
Contacts Bubblemoo
Race restricted membership Tauren only
no exceptions except for my wifes BEs because she makes me nanner pudding.
We've been updated! Thanks to everyone for posting their guilds.
Lords Of Eternity: Alliance
Raiding: Semi-Hardcore, two groups - 3 nights a week
Contacts: Stushi, Osman / Kasim, Thebusstop
Just want to update the Carl's Van information. We have a website now, I would also like to thank Distant for doing this, I would really like to find a way to make Garona become more alive again.
10 man raiding Saturdays 7-10 server
Currently looking to set up a weekday run
Always looking for more to join
Contact: GM-Lwoxana :) Also Beepee or Spankadin
Casual 10m raiding (currently recruiting!)
Contacts: Thiban, Nierte, Sinidar
If everyone on Garona got together you could have a whole 25 man!

You would have to change race to Tauren to run with us
I guess it's about time I add to this.

<The Empire> (Alliance)
10 man raiding & achievement whoring
Contacts: Heap, Mafic, Frozeya, Anagram, Saravian

Also, Fluttershy posting on my forums? *faints*
Sorry for the delays folks. All updated now! I figure as long as I check it every week or two and not let it languish TOO much it should be a problem ;)

Also, feel free to contact me in-game if you wish if you've posted or need to make an update. Best way to ensure I see it in a timely fashion.
I figure someone ought to bump this thread back up.

So... /bump
also request a sticky for it.. its not like we have anything else important up there.
Timey Wimey Stuff


Old School Raids

No site
Seeing as we are a guild, and active, and actively a guild, I suppose we fit the criteria.

<Council of the Dedicated> is an Alliance guild that currently does 10's, but does current 10's terribly. Save for the 10's that aren't terrible or terribly current.

We are looking specifically for people who like raiding, and like the idea of raiding with people who like raiding with people who like raiding.

Feel free to contact anyone but Lootninja and they can direct you to someone who can provide more info on where and how to App. Or just App on the site out of nowhere and save yourself a potentially awkward conversation.

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