Bugged armory appearance

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Not that it matters much but is hair bugged for orc fems on the armory? Mine isn't showing and some others I've seen.
you are correct. my lock is missing my lovely flowing locks.
Pandas are also affected now as well. Very sad.
I can't even hold my weapon properly anymore.
Hair for the hair god...

Oh wait.

I can't even hold my weapon properly anymore.

But your "don't touch my candy" face makes up for it.
Lol, well I hope they know it's all bugged out.
The Cenarion Spaulders transmorg doesn't show up either. I think they are aware of all this stuff though. In a couple of other threads they said both of these issues were being investigated.
I wish they'd fix this already... Been like this for a while and I miss my pretty hair. =(
i dont want to be a bald
My current armory picture looks like I'm in the middle of a special attack rather than something decent like a battle stance.

Makes it impossible to see character properly.
Will there be any updates on these bugs before 5.3?
I am also missing my hair.
Please fix. This issue was raised ages ago now!

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