Resurgence 10M (12/12 ToT) Recruiting DPS

Resurgence is a small 10 man casual progression guild, we used to run on a two day schedule during the last patch and achieved 12/16 and have gone to a 3 day raiding schedule for 5.2 and Throne Of Thunder. So far we have been pleased with our current progression, we are have recently downed twin consorts.

We are currently seeking a few DPS for our roster as we farm throne of thunder and sart heroics. and that can pull their own weight in terms of DPS and is raid aware, as well as friendly and willing to learn along with the rest of the group. We do not put much stock in terms of loot as long as its fair and we are currently using a suicide kings loot distribution system that aims to be fair to all raid members.

We ask that the raiders be 510+ilvl and as i have said before that can put up good numbers and is raid aware. We also prefer members that are 18+ since we are a adult orientated guild with good working folk and families with most of our members being on in the evenings and weekends. Our current raid days are as follows. Wednesdays 7PM -10PM Server, Fridays 6PM - 9PM Server, Mondays 8PM - 11PM Server. If anyone is interested please contact Ashguard, Ashknight, Ashward ingame or reply here and i will contact you. Thank you for your time.
Bump* Updated recruiting needs to Hunter or Mage.
Bump* We are now 11/12 ToT. Still looking for a good hunter or mage that is 510+ilvl which shouldn't be hard to manage now.
Bump* We have fully cleared TOT and have started farming. We need more dps for our rosters as some of our main raiders take days off and so on. We hope to start heroics as soon.

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