[H] <Animosity> 10M 4/12N LF Tank-Healer-DPS

Guild Recruitment
Animosity is a newly formed 10M guild on US-Blackrock PvP. We are in the process of building a solid semi-hardcore raiding team. Our raid times are Tues, Wed and Thursday from 7:30pm - 10:30pm pst. Some of the members even like to put on a Friday Alt/Pug run. Our raiding atmosphere is calm, collective and problem solving. Yelling and/or belittling a raid member is never in our forte. Most of the raiders are in their mid 20's with a good amount of sarcasm but still able to get along in a mature manner.

What we are looking for:
You are a skilled player with a high interest in progression raiding. You show up to raids on time and prepared to tackle all content that might be attempted on any and every given raid night. You maintain high attendance and always inform your raid leader of an absence as soon as possible. You know the ins and outs of your class from stat priorities to rotation to cooldown usage. You take pride in both your numbers as well as your situational awareness. Being able to admit when you have made a mistake and learn from it. Though it is not a deal breaker you ideally have a background of serious progression raiding. You are the type of player who is not intimidated by these requirements but excited by them as you would like to hold your teammates to these same set of standards.

Current Progression:

Current needs:
Tank: 1 opening

Healer: 1-2 opening

DPS: 2 opening

Contact Us
Feel free to contact an officer in game, or use the following methods of contact.

Brollun - Richie#1998
Josiiah - Josiah#1417
Sycosis - Sycosis417#1791
Looking for prospects.
Still looking
Here tanky tanky tanky
Healers and Tanks wanted.
Brollun help me out here.
Swims in Glym
Still needs a healer
Would really like to have a Mistweaver among us.

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