Leveling as Ret

Looking for some advice as like rotation, spec (talents), and glyphs. Also in pve what do you stack example str>mastery>haste etc. Please and thank you
At lvl 85? Idk honestly, Im not there yet but close. Id say str and master then crit or haste, still not sure about haste. You can check out my talents and glyphs but they might change when I get mastery, atleast glyph of harsh words might.
Start by reading the Ret sticky in this forum.
The raiding as ret one. Im currently 85 and need to level. Then i go pvp holy. So anyone else have any advice?
The sticky is intended primarily for raiding, but still contains a lot of very broadly applicable Ret advice, like rotation, talents, glyphs, and stats.
I didn't say everything you need to know is in that sticky, I said to start with that.

Start by reading the Ret sticky in this forum.

And you brush it off because you can't be bothered to even look at it.

Sorry that I don't want to spoonfeed you information when it's got it's own stickied thread. Sorry to ask that people research the spec/class they are interested in before asking complete strangers for answers. The point is to learn a bit, and then ask about things you don't understand. Are you going to get offended when someone tells you to go to wowhead to find out more about something you are interested in? Or are you going to make a post or spam /trade for answers?

You could have also used the forum search function. Or scrolled through a few pages of forums. GOOGLE FFS. Age of the internet and whatnot.

You're welcome, BTW.
If all you're using ret for is leveling then use whatever, it really won't make a huge difference. Trying to min/max while leveling is largely an act of futility. You can try to maintain hit and exp at decent levels, but mostly just use whatever and plow through the trivial content.
I had a hard time leveling this ret at the start of xpac.. for some reason I couldn't AOE pull mobs and drop them.. my warrior easily did that as well as my DK... but I love my ret now that im at 90....

I liked ret before the crazy changes but that's for another post..
The latest information I heard is if you study the Arcane Mage then you can play a ret.

Now if you want real advice start with Icy Veins class guides. They tell you everything from talents, glyphs, rotations, CD's, etc. It's a good place to start.

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