<Hell> (H lvl25 10man) RECRUITING

12/12n ToT and currently starting heroic progression. Raid times are Fri/Sat 5-9pm server with loot council. Guild provides for raiders during raid 1. repairs 2. potions/flasks 3. feasts 4. enchants/gems.

Currently seeking skilled/geared applicants for main raid. Current needs are Balance Druid.

if you can answer yes to the following:

Have a 500+ ilvl?
Extensive Exp in Heroic play?
Able to listen/communicate effectively over mumble?
Able to play competitively?

then please app at our website: http://hellguild.servegame.com/viewforum.php?f=9
and/or contact Moolaun, Swiftpaws, Khai, or Glymmer.
Damn i'm getting replaced.
Looking to recruit 1 serious Vanq user dps (rogue, dk or chkn!), come get your 4 piece in 1 raid lockout!
omg mealon! i hate you! kept telling you that a rogue would be sweet but NOOOOO. ugh..

seriously tho, Hell has a very healthy and stable raid environment. I've always enjoyed the main raid.
we should totes get a mage
doing teh bump and grind on a hell thread of course
maybe a fire mage
Fist Bump !

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