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I have a question regarding the title/rep and quests revolving around the goblins. I apologise if this has been answered before. I have done many google searches, and browsing the forums has not helped me.

Basically this;

If I were to get the Insane title, and then at some point down the track, I went and did outstanding quests for Booty Bay etc, will this affect my title and or rep standing with Bloodsail?

Are there any other achieves/quests I should have out of the way before attempting this epic feat?

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You won't lose the title AFAIK, even if you drop below honoured with the Bloodsail, as long as you've earnt the achievement.
1) Losing reputation with Bloodsail will not affect your title or FoS.

2) If you do the Stranglethorn Vale quests now, you will lose some of your current Bloodsail reputation. If you're going to do the Insane, I would not recommend this, as Bloodsail rep is hard to come by.
I think all the STV quests net you around -7000 to -8000 bloodsail rep. I was, I believe, around 8700 into revered when I started doing the STV quests after all the quests were reset with Cata and am still revered after doing all the quests.

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