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This will most likely get buried, but I want to put this out there. Like a message in a bottle or something. Before anyone says anything: This is not a rage post. I am not quitting or anything.

For the last hour or so, I have been trying to figure out what it was about some games that made me enjoy them as much as I did. What is it about a game like WoW or Team Fortress 2 that keeps me coming back, that keeps me playing for so long?
I started to think about what I enjoyed. I thought about the animations, the graphics, the sound, the music.

I realized I enjoyed it when the attacks my characters did had weight behind them. By that, I mean that when the animations played, I could FEEL them. Even though my mouse and keyboard don't exactly have rumble/vibrate features, I could feel the attacks hit. When I heard the sound and saw the animations, I could feel the attack execute. I don't know how else to put it. When the attacks didn't have that feeling, they were boring. In City of Heroes, for example, I could never get into the archery set. The sounds were too weak and the animations didn't translate into that feeling. However, I loved the Super Strength set. WHAM. WHOOM. SLAM. POW. Each attack was visually interesting, sounded great and let me feel it in my hands.

Then it hit me: Every single attack in WoW does this for me. Every spell, no matter how small does it. Even Water Walking for Shamans or Path of Frost for Death Knights. When my priest does Shadow Word: Pain, I can feel it. I can feel when my Warlock casts Agony. When my Death Knight hits Blood Boil I feel it. The sound and visuals are amazingly well done. Even when I have the sound turned off, I can picture the sound they make. I can still feel them hit.

About this time in my though process I decided to log in and tend to my WoW farms(5 90s to get through the sunsong harvest). While doing this I realized that everything in game was visually or audibly interesting in some way. Even doing things as insignificant as hovering my mouse over a selectable object made the object stand out slightly among the rest of the objects of its kind. They become slightly brighter, a little more interesting. Even when I'm not doing anything and my character is just standing there, they are interesting to look at. They sigh, they sway slightly, they look around.

Everything in this game is, in some way, interesting. Even the low rez floor textures. So, that's why I'm apologizing to you, Blizzard. I took for granted what you've created with this game. Even though I've got my complaints and will always have them no matter what you guys do, I just wanted to say all this. You guys did an AMAZING job with this game. From the most insignificant looking thing all the way to the top. This game has amazing visuals and sounds.

I'll end this little love letter to Blizz with the song that popped into my head when I realized how every little thing in this game is interesting in some way.
That was beautiful
Well said =)
I agree, and that's why people will pay $15 a month to play. I too often think this when I play and I have been playing since vanilla. Lovely post.
make this in poem form, hit up the def jam poets, and #win.

that was great.
One of the things I look for when playing MMORPG's (and most games really) is how fluid the controls feel. I'm not sure what other game companies are thinking when they make their games, but not one I've played has been able to do this the same way Blizzard has with WoW.

Some may say, it's because you've played the game for so long, it feels natural, etc... but I've felt like this since the beginning of Vanilla. Blizzard did one heck of a job with the controls. I actually feel like I'm moving, not that I'm moving a clunky character around.
I will always have the give Blizzard credit for the world they have created. Azeroth feels more alive than any world in any other MMO I have played. Rarely have I ever had my "suspension of disbelief" broken while in game. Usually then it is due to glitches or disconnects which are not very common.

As for combat it is does my adrenaline going, especially when I notice the various buffs and passives noticeably affecting combat. And nothing makes me happier on a warrior than seeing my rage bar filling and various abilities lighting up. Hearing the sound of Colossus Smash as it lands, Bloodthirst, and the distinctive sound of three Wild Strikes back to back.
Even on my other toons, I enjoy how everything works when the dook hits the fan. Hell, even healing is fun in WoW, and usually it isn't something I like to do.

Whatever grievances I do have with Blizzard, most tend to disappear once the steel is drawn and the magic starts flying.

Now if they added in some more sandbox stuff like player/guild made towns/keeps/etc., it would make me feel like the creative or destructive activities I do have some real meaning to them.
Played a lot of video/pc games in my day. When people say that WoW/Blizz is very polished, this (OP) is what they mean.

So many details, nuances and features that become invisible due to the fact you are playing the game and getting sucked right in... you don't even realize why.

Nice post, a little sugary and emotional but yes.
Positivity on...the forums? What...?
Even when I'm not doing anything and my character is just standing there, they are interesting to look at. They sigh, they sway slightly, they look around.

My Tauren can stand to stop scratching his butt a mere 2,000 times or less each day.
I get what your saying - and your right! Its a bigger part of what makes you come back to a game than people realize (without focusing on it) - on a very subconscious level.

I get this same feeling with a lot of the good shootem up games, something about the shooting audio sound effect/gun animation/graphic effect of your target all in one that is somehow pleasing. Its what good games have, and not so good games dont.
Nice post, I feel you 100%

What I miss is the feeling of getting the Blues needed from UBRS to get MC ready and farming lava cores for FR gear needed for RAG until I got into a guild that could pwn him without it.
I always turn my sound on to tend my farm. I don't know what it is, but it's just less fun on silent.

Even with those damn virmen noises.

I'll agree with most of this post and that's why I've come back after many little breaks over the last 7 years. Never in a million years I thought I'd absolutely love a panda shaman (new race/class for me) and am looking forward to making her my main. The only thing I will say that this game (as far as OP goes) needs is updated classic character models.
Positivity on...the forums? What...?
That never happens, does it? XDD
Positivity on...the forums? What...?

It's a rarity here.

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