Blizzard, I'm sorry

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I could FEEL them. Even though my mouse and keyboard don't exactly have rumble/vibrate features, I could feel the attacks hit. When I heard the sound and saw the animations, I could feel the attack execute

Lava Lash FWOSH!!!

Stormstrike AKWREGJAWERH!!!!!!
Well put together thread.
Stupidest thing i ever heard! Period!!!!

Well aren't you just a frickin ray of sunshine?

Given the mass amounts of QQ seen around here, a little positivity is a nice change.
Thank you Risha.
Really good way to describe the joy and thrill feel for the game.
Wish more people enjoyed that more than their numbers...

Alright, alright we gotta love the numbers too, there fixed.
Well said, OP!!

I've always been a fan of the depth of environment in this game. It's expansive, for sure.

One thing I could never understand is people who play this game completely silent. Just about ALL of my friends from this game play with no sound on whatsoever. I simply CANNOT do that - and they think I'm weird/crazy. It's actually the other way around. How do you get into a game when there's no sound attached to what's going on? The huge clusterf___ of spells and melee swings and heals going on at the same time is so engaging and awesome. I might not ever keep the music on in the game (I do prefer listening to other music) but once in a while I'll turn it on and enjoy the heck out of it.
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Blizzard, I'm sorry

Are you canadian?

I don't get it.

Amazing post by the way!
Dat feel :(
Wow. Excellently phrased.
04/17/2013 10:38 AMPosted by Miiyaa

Are you canadian?

I don't get it.

Amazing post by the way!
That was beautiful

Well said =)
Anyone who says anything negative in this thread should be buried. Well said, OP!
Chaos Bolts......krkrkrkrkssggkrrkrkkgrrgkrkrkgkrrkkrkkk......FEWWOOAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHSCADOOSH!!!
One of the things you often see people who return to WoW after leaving for another game is that the responsiveness of your toons casting and movement is superior to other games.
They worked on this very hard prior to 2004. There are interviews with the staff on the collector's edition DVD that talk about this very topic of making the combat feel engaging, all the elements being done at the best level possible.

It's really the mark of blizzard's work in my opinion: quality on every level: sounds, graphics, gameplay and more...

The irony of that however, is sometimes they are too close to the game for their own good, thankfully in the long run they keep good perspective on player habits hopefully backed by data... and make choices to shift things in favor of "keeping it interesting."

Good post OP.
so what? Can you change something?
This is why I want fire spec to trump frost. I love the way the fire spells sound/feel. In every RPG game I've played I always lean towards fire spells. Frost sounds like sparkles. I didn't come here to play Kesha.

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