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I agree about WoW except for the following aspects; gearing up, questing, and story presentation. Everything else about the game grabs me and demands my attention.

I feel the same with the Halo series (for the most part). Lots of other good FPS but none quite as visceral or as tightly tuned as Halo.

Gearing up hasn't been fun for me since BC. Gearing in Kara, ZA and everything before was great. Questing only caught my attention for the first toon or two. Story presentation, honestly, has never even showed it's face to me. I don't consider WoW to have a story, really.
This will most likely get buried, but I want to put this out there. Like a message in a bottle or something. Before anyone says anything: This is not a rage post. I am not quitting or anything.

For the last hour or so, I have been trying to figure out what it was about some games that made me enjoy them as much as I did. What is it about a game like WoW or Team Fortress 2 that keeps me coming back, that keeps me playing for so long?
I started to think about what I enjoyed. I thought about the animations, the graphics, the sound, the music.

I realized I enjoyed it when the attacks my characters did had weight behind them. By that, I mean that when the animations played, I could FEEL them. Even though my mouse and keyboard don't exactly have rumble/vibrate features, I could feel the attacks hit. When I heard the sound and saw the animations, I could feel the attack execute. I don't know how else to put it. When the attacks didn't have that feeling, they were boring. In City of Heroes, for example, I could never get into the archery set. The sounds were too weak and the animations didn't translate into that feeling. However, I loved the Super Strength set. WHAM. WHOOM. SLAM. POW. Each attack was visually interesting, sounded great and let me feel it in my hands.

Then it hit me: Every single attack in WoW does this for me. Every spell, no matter how small does it. Even Water Walking for Shamans or Path of Frost for Death Knights. When my priest does Shadow Word: Pain, I can feel it. I can feel when my Warlock casts Agony. When my Death Knight hits Blood Boil I feel it. The sound and visuals are amazingly well done. Even when I have the sound turned off, I can picture the sound they make. I can still feel them hit.

About this time in my though process I decided to log in and tend to my WoW farms(5 90s to get through the sunsong harvest). While doing this I realized that everything in game was visually or audibly interesting in some way. Even doing things as insignificant as hovering my mouse over a selectable object made the object stand out slightly among the rest of the objects of its kind. They become slightly brighter, a little more interesting. Even when I'm not doing anything and my character is just standing there, they are interesting to look at. They sigh, they sway slightly, they look around.

Everything in this game is, in some way, interesting. Even the low rez floor textures. So, that's why I'm apologizing to you, Blizzard. I took for granted what you've created with this game. Even though I've got my complaints and will always have them no matter what you guys do, I just wanted to say all this. You guys did an AMAZING job with this game. From the most insignificant looking thing all the way to the top. This game has amazing visuals and sounds.

I'll end this little love letter to Blizz with the song that popped into my head when I realized how every little thing in this game is interesting in some way.

Well said, this game, for it's flaws, is still an absolutely amazingly fun time.
Very nicely said OP, wow was my first ever MMO, in fact my first game that was not an ages ago childhood board game or game on the playground in elementary school.

Since my early wow days, I have played other MMO's and still play one of them today but what wow does the others have failed to do.

When playing wow, the movements, the attacks everything from battling, to travel to fishing to cooking makes me feel like I am my character, sometimes, I find myself pausing as I would in rl to take in a creek, a snow capped mountain, a glinting ore vei, a lush field, a mama deer and her fawn only to be mesmerized by the landscape and then the music, sometimes I will pause to just stand still and listen to the music, the back ground noise from babbling brooks to the sound of the wind whispering thru the trees, I can not imagine keeping the sound in wow turned off to listen to music I can hear anytime.

On other games, I feel like a puppateer, directing every movement made by my character, even sometimes feeling like whatever directive I have given my character is an after thought since I can click said attack and then there is a pause before directive seems to follow through. In wow it is more like I become mel rather than control mel:)
That was really a wonderful post.
Thanks for sharing that.
Thanks for sharing that.
I usually stop reading when someone mentions wow along side another game. Warcraft is Warcraft people. It's like saying I'm like slim shady until the real slim shady stands up. Warcraft is just too cool in a side by side comparison to be put on a scale with anything else.

Diablo is cool to.... Jus sayin :P

( I say this guild name aside )
It's not a small feat to say the least! Many games just don't have this. The attack animation/connection feel, "game feel," animation variation, these are things that other mmos haven't been able to replicate thus far.

Wow is satisfying to play.
Try playing a melee fighter, OP. The first fight'll raise goosebumps, i swear.
Well said.

There are a lot of things that make WoW interesting for me, things they didn't need to add but did anyway. Herds of horses that run by, NPCs tucked away in corners.

My favorites are the conversations that happen at quest hubs that you can eavesdrop on. The interaction between NPCs that happens independent of a player's presence really helps make the world feel alive.

Edit: Also rain. I love when it rains.
Warrior's sound gnarly when up close and personal.
This thread is amazing, I never seen very many people point out things like that with such positivity. More power to you OP.
I like your post,

the joys of gaming :)

And I miss City Of Heroes :(
It's quite an interesting thing you touch upon here. I haven't played WoW in quite some time, even though I did get MoP CE (I love Blizzard CEs), and the $15/month I'm wasting away is really nothing to me should I feel like firing this game up.

I am however playing Rift, as I do enjoy how the game plays out overall much better than I do WoW. Where that game really lacks is the overall feel of the combat in the ways you mention, Risha, and you pretty much hit it, and that is the sounds. Nothing in Rift, or most other MMOs for that matter feel as cool as an MS crit, or SS hit, and such. I suppose the word I'm looking for is impact. Even Guild Wars 2, which actually has great combat mechanics doesn't have the same feel because the sound isn't there.

Graphically. Yeah, if you've played Blizzard games for a while, you'll know their stylized graphics and such age better than any other game you'll ever play.
Thanks for sharing that.

Your apology has been accepted :D
I understand you, WoW does feel good.
I also agree that this is a good game.

Looking for more vanilla style quests which takes you around the world. (for example couldnt Chen ask us to grab something from Kalimdor then take that to Outlands to do something then return back to him?).

But as a professional, I cannot with good conscience recommend this game to any of my friends since it is way too much time consuming. (this is probably the case with all MMOs)
{◕ ◡ ◕} approved!

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