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I got a phone call from a GM once when I was having trouble rezzing my pet. She even apologized at one point in the conversation for the bug.

I replied that I am actually astounded the game works at all. It is pretty amazing all in all.

Plus, can you even imagine any free-to-play MMO employee ever calling you on the phone?
Totally agree with OP, while I take issue with plenty of things and may sometimes seem like a "whiner" the only reason I bring my concerns to the forums is because I care about the game and want it to stay awesome :)

Also, have always loved the visuals and spell effects and most sound effects, actually why I get upset when they change ones because I'm so attached to what we have been used to (still drives me crazy that my druid throws piss balls instead of lightningy nature balls!!!!)

Never really cared about the whole "low rez omg" stuff, lower rez means easier requirements means more people for me to play with...I still love vanilla wow looks and wish they'd stop messing with them and scrap the vanilla model makeover :( I know, hope is lost, still I can dream and x my fingers that they don't eff them up.
100% agreed. Everything feels connected. The other MMOs I've played in felt like a character running around against a beautifully crafted backdrop, but they didn't feel like the toon was a part of it.

From little things like running and jumping and it looks like each step is planted in that "low res ground textures", and I can feel my player running in that world.

I've had friends and family try to lure me to the newest release from time to time, I give them a try, but they always feel like my character is in a VR studio running and jumping against a green screen.

(The attack animations are great too, but Risha summed that up quite nicely, I don't have anymore more to add to it other than a "here, here!")
op needs to "feel" real life
i've hated wow and times and also loves it many other times, but out of all the possible things that has kept me playing wow on and off since a month after release....It has to be the costumer support firstly, and secondly the game for me, very rarely has issues running, which is great, also the people i've met, except not so much recently...anyways, what creates successful games are usually simplicity and a great game engine that takes advantage of all systems, which is what wow does...
I have to say that that was one of the most beautiful posts. And I agree wholeheartedly.
Great post, OP. I've been playing this game for more than 8 years now and everything you said resonates with why I'm still here.
Thanks for sharing that.
100% right, and agree.
Fascinating how the OP talks about sound... I was leveling a monk Windwalker and found it really boring and realized it had a lot to do with feeling weak, whether or not that weakness was real, and much of that perception had to do with sound. I had just got done leveling a Druid, which always made very satisfying sounds when critting or applying bleeds. It felt ferocious in comparison, again even if that was just a matter of perception. Windwalker monks sound like they're punching and kicking things alright, but a Druid (for example) sounds like they're tearing their opponent limb from limb.

For what it's worth I switched to brewmaster and have had a much more satisfying experience.
This is my only warrior to have made it past lvl 19 and its a female panda lol all the others never made it so far and it's now my 2nd favorite toon next to my dk who I haven't realy even played much of lately this toon just eats up all my time
@ Risha...I loved this post...because I too love this game...Oh I know I am probably the worlds worst WoW player but I dont care...I love to quest and rp and even PvP if needed... I am always discovering new things in this game...To me it's a fun outlet and stress reliever from the hectic pace of working, running a household and bringing up teenage boys( who play too)...I will never be a great player and I don't care about achievements or fancy transmog gear....I am here to enjoy myself and meet people on the way....
Thank you Risha and thank you Blizzard
This toon is awsome
That was beautiful

*Wipes his tears with a tissue & claps excessively loud, Bravo that was beautiful !!
QUEUE: Plastic Bag

aaaaaaaaaand ACTION!

It's beautiful isn't it.
This will most likely get buried

So much for this statement. Great post, and I'm sure many will agree with you!
One thing WoW has going for it that no other game seems to get "quite right" is character movement. Anyone that has played Rift knows what I mean. All other games seem like you are driving around a table or something. It doesn't "feel" right. Go roll a gnome or a dwarf and hop around for a bit. Blizzard got this small, but so incredibly important detail, totally right.

Come to think of it... maybe it isn't "one thing". Maybe there are thousands of little things, that when added up, gives us (in my not-so-humble-opinion) the greatest computer game ever created.
I agree about WoW except for the following aspects; gearing up, questing, and story presentation. Everything else about the game grabs me and demands my attention.

I feel the same with the Halo series (for the most part). Lots of other good FPS but none quite as visceral or as tightly tuned as Halo.

Gearing up hasn't been fun for me since BC. Gearing in Kara, ZA and everything before was great. Questing only caught my attention for the first toon or two. Story presentation, honestly, has never even showed it's face to me. I don't consider WoW to have a story, really.

I actually LOL'd at this. Just because you skip over the story doesn't mean it doesn't exist. In fact, WoW has some of the most in-depth story and lore of any game I've ever played.

Those that care about storyline (which makes the game much more enjoyable and less grindy) will attest to that.

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