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{◕ ◡ ◕} approved!
I agree completely.

I've recently started questing and exploring again in my free time and I've oddly enough swapped to using first person for this.

The game is absolutely beautiful if you can pump out max graphics and just take it in.
I am a hater so I will do my job!
NERF something
This post gave me cancer
Yeah the game is GREAT! but a old school server would be even greater!
I think the first time I really started to appreciate how much detail went into the everyday play experience was first stoked by a friend that got me into the game in the first place. Showing me how the treant mobs died with the slicing in two and falling apart was just an awesome thing. But what really got me was when I was low level questing through durotar and noticed how the sun shimmered off the dusty dry broken ground. It's also shy i enjoy taking a off-beat path to explore in the world as you never really know what you are going to find laying around.

I urge everyone to go someplace they have never been before, take a slightly different path, and look at what is laying around, e.g. tombstones, books, tables with playing cards, and see if you can find something that you never took the time to notice.
I love this post. great read. and this is most likely reason why I do all these dailies. I love the sound of combat,as an elemental shaman, the sounds of lvb, especially when it procs, just the explosion of the mob melting in front of me send s a signal to my brain of !@#$ YEA!
{◕ ◡ ◕} approved!
Excellent points! I think you've pinpointed some of the je ne sais quoi of the game.

I remember trying the arcane spec and being disappointed by how tame the animation and sound were compared to fire ... so here I am, back at fire. Really because of just those reasons!
I have to agree with the OP. The big problem with other MMORPGs I've played (easy examples, Rift and AoC) is that when you do actions you don't feel like you're actually doing an action. Swinging weapons and casting spells doesn't have a visceral feel. Somehow, WOW accomplishes it.
Back in Wrath, for a small but memorable period of time, the mammoth and chopper mounts were "vehicles" that took no fall damage. So I used to take passengers on board and leap from the highest pinnacle in Northrend. The feeling of vertigo as we fell was palpable and exciting, even knowing our characters would not "die." (Well, some of my passengers didn't realize that, which was even better because they actually yelped in fear over Ventrilo.) I loved that bit.
When running through that dungeon in the always raining place, the one under the lake, yer footfalls in shallow water sound like typing letters on a mechanical type writer...
/cry on shoulder
AHHHHH ha ha ha ohhhhhhhh


oh man that was beautiful, this is true all true i to like wow because of all the little things.*sniff*
look im a small character designer, even if its a small detail to sometimes it hurts me when blizzard ruins a good art with something so ughhh.

that is why in a way i got upset with blizz after i saw what they have done to the female worgens models, hell im playing them but mostly is because i love them but it still upset me the way they turn when they could have been better.

i know what im saying now is not much of what it is said here, but just like this post about sounds effects i to feel the same way but mostly about the character looks.

blizzard have always made a awesome job with their work and to see a work like that get splater it just feels me with rage, but i forget looks are not the only thing that make me like wow.

this!! the sounds, music, environment, art all of it makes me keep on playing so much more..

i like this thread.
This quality of design is why I never am able to stick with any other MMO. The buttons just don't feel right in other games. I almost feel like I am playing in a web browser. It's like the difference between solving a virtual rubik's cube on screen with mouse clicks and holding one in your hands. WoW gives you that "handsy" feel.
Worth keeping this thread in mind - the sheer responsiveness and engagement of WoW's mechanics is something quite amazing.
One of the things I don't like about paladins is the attacks lack punch. The visuals don't strike immediately even on instance attacks and they all make the same swish sound.
Ooh, thanks for bringing this one back to page one. I'd totally missed it before!

OP, belatedly, that was well said. There are so many small things that come together to give this game its visual and audible personality, and honestly, it rarely fails to impress me.
OP is a pretty cool guy.

I agree 100%.
Yes. I play MMORPGs since 1999. Never was much of a fan of Wow due to the cartoonish graphics. I tried so many MMORPGs during this time i could write a book.

Well after all these years i realized that there is only 3 MMORPG in the market.

The hardcore/intensive grouping/time required Final Fantasy XI

The PVP space one EVE Online

The PVE casual World of Warcraft.

In the end, as a PVE player i really only can devote time to WoW. Other MMORPG either failed or copied WoW so much they never created an identity. Everquest 1 itself lost its hardcore touch with time and became a frankenstein.

Then when you finally realize that you start to read about Warcraft lore, remember those Warcraft RTS games you played and suddenly it is so good to be part of it. You start to looking at the scenario, how detailed they are, even in remote areas people almost never go.

You feel like there is life in virtual animals, like in Winterspring fauna. World of Warcraft is really an awesome game.
I normally don't comment on this type of thing...but in a lot of ways I agree with it. Well written post, OP.
It really is what makes this game successful. The combat system and the smoothness of the controls. Other games may get close, but there's always something missing.

I liken it to the days of FPS gaming. Games based off of Id software's engines always felt better. You were more connected to the attacks.

It's very very important that a game do the basics right. Everything else can be amazing, but if the input controls are off, then it's a waste of time.
So many zones have a very distinct feel, brought to life through sound and visual aids. Storm Peaks and Icecrown are cold. The light blue tint in the ice and snow, the sounds of cold wind blowing through canyons and crevices.

Tanaris and the Barrens are arid and dry, dull, brown, dry colors and cicada buzzing in the heat.

Stranglethorn Vale is bursting alive with birds and animals. The leaves in the trees and bushes gently sway in the wind.

Many times I'll just sit in the Valley of Wisdom and listen the the birds and the waterfall (it reminds me of the zoo, which my son and I just love going to).

Duskwood is dark, creepy and atmospheric. Just the ambient sounds along of things howling in the distant darkness are enough to pull you into the full feel of the zone.

There are many, many more examples of how the visuals and ambient sounds in each zone are quickly and easily overlooked by most players zippng through the content, forgetting that
feeling and awe they first felt 8 years ago.

A lot of hard work, and well-planned atmospheric attention was put into each zone, and you can find it...if you just take a breath and enjoy the scenery around you once in a while.

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