LF 10M Raiding guild

Transferred from Stormrage to Zul'jin, as I have always loved playing horde and wanted to get away from alliance (switched during Cata). I have minimal experience in the current MoP raids. But have been raiding since late Vanilla/TBC.

Really looking for a casual/semi-hardcore 10M raiding guild. Raids anywhere from 4-11pm server time during the week.
Please post here, or contact me in-game.

Good Day Zrgy! <Absolution> is currently looking for a few more members to join our tight-knit raiding guild, and I would love to speak more with you about exactly what you're seeking and seeing if you might find us to be a good fit! (Feel free to message me in-game; Zaerri#1764 is my real-ID in case you would like to talk, however feel free to message me on this character as well)
We're looking for plate DPS/Tank for our 10 man. Our recruiting thread, with all our information, is still on the first page here in the ZJ forums:


Or feel free to contact me in-game.
We're currently looking for a variety of roles. Please check out our post at http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8569330043 or visit our guild website at http://caedoerectio.enjin.com/recruitment!
Adrenaline Rush is recruiting :) our raid days will be tues and wed. 8-11. we are a brand new guild a few days old. we have a spot for you if u want it. u can contact me in game if u like on this toon or my co-gm pinktastic
We have a "casual" raid team LFM. raid is on T/W 9-12pm server. <Refresh> come try us out. we are so much fun, it physically hurts.


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