[A] 500 Disc/498 SPriest 12/12N 1/13H exp LFG

As the title would suggest, I'm looking for a casual raiding guild on my alt priest that does not conflict with my main's raid times at 8PM-11:30PM server on MON-THURS. Open to guilds at all levels of progression, willing to fill out applications, can provide logs, very consistent player and good listener. I also have prior guild leadership experience and will give my 2 cents if asked. Only considering offers on Korgath, will not move xserver. If you think your guild could use +1, reply to this thread or contact me via Skype/RID/BattleTag/in game mail.

EDIT: Willing to stand as a backup for your guild.

Contact Info:
Primoriscruor - Skype
Innovation or
Repth - In Game
MG is rebuilding its raid team after transferring a couple of weeks ago to Korgath. Our raid night is Sat 9pm Eastern. We are a low stress group, currently 2/6 in HoF.
Don't take her she's bad at shields

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