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So! You've recruited a friend to WoW. By that I mean, someone who doesn't currently have a WoW account and this will be the first time they've played.
Gratz! Now, You want them to stay? You want them to play! I know Blizz does! So here's some tips and responsibilities that you have to make it easier on them.

1. Explain Deaths: Blizzard does an okay job for them, but honestly some people just don't catch on right away as this might be their first MMORPG! Explain that when they die they can run back to their bodies, OR use the spirit healer.
I know when i first started playing WoW back in BC, I didn't know about the spirit healer and I fell off the Darnassus tree and landed on a branch. 2 Days straight i tried getting back to my body and continued to fall/die. I was about to give up when my friend was so nice to tell me, hey, use the spirit healer.

2. Provide them bags: I'm not saying top of the line Embersilk, at least netherweave though! Blizzard has given us bags as quest rewards, but they just don't cut it and YOU know how horrible it is to have to sell every 3 levels or so. or having to delete something and lose out on some Gs. So make it easier for them.

3. Explain some spells: When I first came to WoW, I knew nothing. I thought all 3d Looked like runescape models, I thought all playstyles were like Maplestory. My first character was this character, a priest. There was no helpfull tab that told me what to keep up or what to do. I had to learn. I went all the way to 40 not knowing about Power Word: Shield. and I died. Alot. untill i complained to my friend about dying and they were so nice to let me know about the spell that litterally kept me alive. Along with innerfire. xD

4. Don't Assume: You don't like PVP, your friend isn't gonna like it. I asked about the horde when I first rolled, I was blood thirsty, i wanted them ALL dead because those bastards were killing my questgivers in Westfall. My friend said, PVP sucks, you won't like it. SO I wasn't introduced to PVP untill I joined a guild and they took me to some BGs.

5. Get them into a guild. I don't mean your guild either. They need friends outside of you, and you're prolly in a raiding guild. Not All Raiding guilds take time and energy for their lowbies/newbies. get them into a nice leveling guild where they will be helped. Not hand held, but helped.

6. Explain the mount thing, I have returning players in my guild who didn't know that you now got mounts at 20 instead of 40. if need be, give them the gold for their first mount. make them buy their own epic flying. 5k gold is easy to come by nowadays and they will appreciate it alot more if they have to work for it.

7. Explain gear/stats: Warriors running around in leather or cloth disgusts me. It's because people don't take the time to explain to their friends, or even those player directly that hey, Warriors wear mail/plate. hey, rogues wear leather. I'll admit there have been a few times I have been in a dungeon and seen a paladin wearing a cloth dress Holy spec, qued for tanking and I kicked them. Outright got rid of them. Don't let your friend be turned away because they just don't know and don't wanna ask cuz they'll feel silly.

8. Explain Ques/Roles: let them know that hey! a tank is supposed to draw attention to themselves, hey, DPS need to fight the mobs and kill them. Healers, not so much. Healers wanna be seen and not heard.

9. Run them: in a few dungeons at least, show them what time and effort gets you. Show them that when they reach 90 they're going to be this power house of destruction. Or if theyre a prot warrior just tellem to shield slam crap and be done with it. :P Show them that there is an end to the grind and that it pays off.

10. Protect them/gear them: If you're on a pvp server/normal or anywhere they can get ganked, stand up and do your duty. When they call on you, get your <removed> there asap and kill the bugger thats killing them. I was gonna add about helping them with group quests, but there isn't a whole lot of those anymore, in BC redridge was a beast, had elites you had to kill and etc. Couldn't do it no how as a priest.
Also if you can make them some gear, do it, please. it'll help and everyone enjoys getting new gear.

if you feel ive missed some things, please respond and I'll add them. if you feel this deserves a sticky, hit the button!
I don't coddle new players. I give them a stick and toss them into a pit with a Bengal tiger 4 levels higher than them. I also sell tickets for the event as well as take bets on how many limbs they lose, but that's a different story. In the end, the come out as skilled players.
Lol. Nice.
7. Explain gear/stats
Really can't stress this one enough. When I was new, I hit need on things I could wear, and when I got yelled at the first time for taking something that "wasn't mine" I proceeded to roll greed on everything ever for the following three months.

Not to mention I really didn't understand stats.

Yeah... those were the good days.
I feel that, with the exception of stats, WoW does a pretty good job of explaining basic things for the beginner. The only other thing that I think is absolutely necessary to explain is the AH, how you should never buy leveling gear from it, and how to sell the stuff you don't need rather than vendoring it.

Throw some bags at them, and they should be good.
I wouldn't mind answering the occasional question or two.
Goodness. Make sure you don't smother them with your help. If all that is what your friend will need then by all means go for it.

Most people though are going to find to much help to be worse than not enough, so be careful.

Like anything, a moderate amount is always better than too much or not enough.
I disagree about buying gear for leveling alts. Not everybody is in a giant, helpful guild, with lots of people to make weaponry/armor/enchants for them. However, it is good to point out reasonable prices and how big a gear gap should be before you run to the AH instead of just holding out for the gear drops. It also depends on whether you power level or not. I don't, since I prefer to putter along at my own pace. Therefore, it makes more sense for somebody like me to buy stuff at the AH than it would for somebody that was maxed out in two days.
Generally speaking, I tend to recommend that people do not gear from the AH, at least on their first character, unless the following 3 statements are true:

1) You are gathering and selling items on the AH and have accumulated at least a 1000 gold
2) You are replacing items that are approaching 7 to 10 levels lower than you are AND are beginning to have a hard time with content because you haven't had luck replacing some important pieces of gear
3)You can get the gear for something reasonable - reasonable of course will vary depending on how much gold you have and how bad you feel you need it but a good rule of thumb is 10 to 15 times the vendor price is approaching the upper end of reasonable on gear that you will be trying to replace in a few levels.

All my opinion of course.

Is that what you were looking for Lyshanik?

I am continuously broke, so #1 only applies to when I am feverishly gathering gold to buy the next however-many-thousands-of-gold flying ability. I completely agree with your #2 and #3, though.

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