<Red Star> [H] 25m Raiding Guild - Recruiting

<Red Star> is a newly formed 25m Raiding Guild on Horde-side Kil'Jaeden. We formed from a solid 6/12 core looking for a better opportunity to progress. At the moment we are primarily searching for Ranged DPS and Healers with Throne of Thunder experience. Our goal is to progress into Heroics quickly, and we are looking for players with the dedication and talent to work with us towards that objective. While we have a serious attitude towards progression, we are not elitists and our purpose here is of course to have fun. Please keep that in mind and have a sense of humor and a positive attitude.

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday: 7ST-11ST
Occasionally we may tack on a Monday depending on Thursday results.

Current Needs:
    - Healers (All Specs considered)
    - 1 Tank (Paladin/Druid)
    - Warlock(s)
    - 1 Mage
    - Druid (Balance - Ideally with Resto offset and experience)
    - 1 Hunter
    - Priest(s) (Discipline/Shadow)

We are currently not recruiting any Melee dps, however any exceptional applicants will always be considered.

Please contact one of the following Players in game for more information:
still looking for a hunt?

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