Warlock green fire guide.

Before i start i cant stress enough, no matter how frustrating, no matter the costs, keep trying.

This is my layout for when i finally got my green fire.
Destruction spec. 501ilvl PVE
Glyph of siphon life (nice steady heal)
Glyph of healthstone (really helped me in stressful situations)
Glyph of fear (Makes it easier to fear the pit lord)
Glyph of health funnel (unnecessary)
Glyph of enslave demon (A must have glyph)

soul leech (Blocks ALOT of damage over the coarse of the fight)
Shadowfury (IMO this is a must)
Sacrificial pact (This is a good emergence bubble encase you cant get to your demonic portal in time)
Unbound will (Another must, see fel hunter phase)
Grimiore of sacrifice (DPS increase, you will have a pit lord enslaved, so no use having supremacy)
Kil'jaeden's cunning (mobility is always good)

Before you start, cast your demonic gateway to the side of the metal grate in the middle of the room and have the other gate spawn behind the pillar to the left (in my case) the pillar i am talking about is the one on the edge of the "arena" at the back of the room (oppisite of the entrance/stair case).
When Kanthared come out i highly suggest you "set focus" him, put it somewhere you look often.
Once he finished his speech you have around 20 seconds of free DPS, he will not cast or attack at all, make use of this to build your embers, after the 20 seconds have passed he will start a channel spell that will summon a pit lord from the huge portal he comes from. When he finishes his channel, cast shadowfury on the pit to stun him, then cast fear on the pit lord. The boss will only start attacking you 20 seconds after he has summoned his pit lord, or when you enslave it, fearing the pit will give you a further 20 seconds of DPS!!!

Soon as you enslave the pit, use its charge and pump out as many chaos bolts as possible.
The boss will start putting his DoTs on you and cast soul fire, you want to be standing near the boss and have have the pit use his fel flame breath as this dispels the dots on you and damages the boss. The boss will start to cast chaos bolt, this is where you use your demonic portal and get out of his line of sight. Once the chaos bolt has finished casting, start to DPS.

Next the boss will start another channel spell that will summon a load of imps, the imps are summoned over the duration of the channel, not when he finished the cast.
The rotation i used for the imps was Fire and brim, immolate, fel flame breath, rain of fire, ember tap and repeat, the imps should be dead after 2 fel flame breaths, be sure to have 2 embers on reserve for the next phase. After the imps are dead,kantherad will cast chaos bolt, as normal, get out of his LoS, shortly after he will cast cataclysm, use your pit lords charge to interupt this as there is no way to survive this spell without pit lords interupt. during the time he is stuned he takes more damage, but dont use chaos bolts unless you have 3+ embers, when you use the pit lords charge, also use fel flame breath and stand in it for the dispels.

This is the hardest phase but can be easy if you know what your are doing, the boss will start casting his DoTs and soul fires again but this time when both his DoTs are on you, you want to use soulshatter, unbound will, turn you pit lord to passive and move him move behind the huge demonic gate. The boss will start to channel another spell that will summon 3 fel hunters, Drop a rain of fire on the gate to pick up agro on the fel hunters instantly, make sure to backpeddel away from the huge gateway and always have the fel hunters face away from the pit lord or they will eat the enslave demon spell. Put havoc on a fel hunter and cast chaos bolt on another, after that try and burn them down as fast as you can. Once again comes the DoTs and chaos bolt, stand in fel flame breath to dispel and use your gateway and get loose line of sight from the boss.

Next up is the doomguard, this phase is easy so take this opportunity to dismiss the pit lord, shadowfury and enslave again, manually make the pit attack the boss, and once the doomguard is summoned, use fel flame breath on the doomguard and send him back onto the boss. be sure not to attack the doomguard. once doomguard has been summoned here come the DoTs and soul fires, then a chaos bolt, then finally the cataclysm!

If you can get to this stage, you can beat the boss as all the above phases repeat.

After a 2nd wave of imps, fel hunters and a doomguard, the boss just repeats the imp stage over and over. (imps, DoTs/soul fire, chaos bolt then cataclysm)

Burn boss, but keep to strategy.

Notes: Purification potion removes curse of ultimate doom making him refresh it (longer "enrage" timer).
Use dark soul when casting chaos bolt
Use the imps dispel from your grimiore when available
Use fel flame breath as often as possible

Hope this helped and good luck!
It's a lot easier to just eat ever chaos bolt with SP and TW and just have pilots heal you back up. Also if attempting as destro as many are if u can stun the imps as they spawn rain of fire them full ember charges chaos bolt dump boss stun imps and again then kill imps you can pull of a good 5-6 chaos bolts on boss and you shouldn't have to worry about reach 7 min enrage I didn't even see the second fel guard.

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