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My gf has been lvling her first toon a disc priest and i was wodering if i could grab some of you fine peoples oppinions.

Firstly ive read the so called guides an they r !@#$. I was hoping some actual priests outside of the priest forum could give her some help on a dungeon. Lfr. Rotation.

Ive noticed myself she goes oom quite quickly. So maybe some advice is needed.

Glyphs and roto would be great! Thanks!
Honestly, my wife just started playing again and I had her roll a destro lock. While lvling they have great burst, great AoE, access to a tank pet really good self heals, and will NEVER go OOM.

inmho, it's one of the best classes to set newer players up with. trying to do stuff as a disc priest when that is your first character may be tough.
If she wants to add me, I can help her out.

I'll add her and I can talk to her on vent, or via chat.

I'm "that gf who plays the priest", so I know the feeling.

If she's interested in this, just let me know and I'll post my btag. I found that someone reactively helping me was better than just reading noxxic.


Howtopriest.com and the Blog Tales of a Priest are excellent resources, as is noxxic and iceveins.

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