Accidents Happen 13/13H LF melee dps

10man <Accidents Happen> is looking for high parsing DPS as we continue into next tier. We are a semi-hardcore 8-hour a week raiding guild of highly skilled individuals. We encourage our raiders to have fun during raids however with such a short schedule efficiency is the key.

Currently we are looking to recruit:
Death Knight (dps)
Paladin (dps)
Warrior (dps)

Raid Times: Tues/Thurs 8:30pm - 12:30am CST

To apply, visit or speak to an officer in-game
Vadron (Profile#1498) or Xarkia (shamps#1857)
<('.'<) (^'.')> <('.'^) (>'.')>
it was an accident
Got Ji-kun hm down our 2nd week. NEED a LOCK and ELE Sham with hm exp.
Does anyone have a good picture of a kitten?
Got heroic Council and Primordius this week with our 2 night schedule. Still looking to recruit a Mage and Warrior dps (having a geared prot off spec would be a plus).
Still need an awesome Mage and Warrior!
BUMP 10/13h.
Wooo grats guys! Good luck finishing tier up.
Looking for an Elemental Shaman!

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