haste or int?

I've been doing some research and theory crafting but everything seems so unclear. At what point should I start stacking Haste over intellect? Or is that just bad information overall? Please take a look at my gear and tell me if I'm doing something wrong. I feel like I can push higher numbers on the meters...
For frost, you should stack int as often as possible. Int is more valuable than haste in long fights.

Though you don't want to gimp your haste. You basicly want enough haste to make frostbolt cast with the GCD during timewarp, any more haste than that and you are wasting stats.

When you reach that point, start stacking crit until you have about 20-25%, this will ensure you have a 100% crit rating with FoF or BF.

After that, mastery.

But when ever possible; gem and enchant into int.
Int and Int+haste gems work wonders.
A lot of the top Mages are going full haste once they get an RPPM trinket. Thats really been the only indicator of when. SimC is telling me that Haste is better than Int but It doesnt make sense to me, so Ive been sticking with Int.
Frost i believe you want Int > haste ONLY reforge into haste/gem haste if INT gems are not allowed in that slot or available.

fire and arcane im not sure but i assume it's the same. Int provides more SP which you want to increase DPS. at level 90 mobs are not dying in 1 hit thus haste isn't really that useful although you still want it you don't want to stack it. unlike say healers where haste incorporates in mana regen as well as HoT ticks and casting faster even then they don't stack a lot of haste
I've been gemmed straight Int forever.... but I believe things have changed. Int is obviously better than haste 1-1, but with RPPM procs granting thousands of Int and gems granting 2 haste vs. 1 int, I believe it's better to gem for haste now.
alright... HASTE and and intel haste builds pretty much have identical dps logs... you can go either way it just depends on your play style, but yes once you get 2 RPPM trinkets haste stacking out performs intel/haste by a few thousand and people that do that are just min/maxing their dps values
Icy-veins was updated recently with advice from Blatty and he states Gem for Haste but maintain socket bonuses while doing so.


So Haste, Haste/Hit, Int/Haste type gems.

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