[A] - LF Guild

Hi! I am new to the server and looking for a guild. Currently I am looking for the following:

*Adult 18+
*Fun, active and laid back
*Raiding - I would initially like a light raiding schedule if that is possible. Preferably 2-3 nights a week. I'm available Monday-Thursday (7pm-11pm), Friday-Saturday (Anytime) and Sunday (8am-11pm)
*Great atmosphere, likes to do transmog runs, occasional pvp or just sit around and shoot the crap :)

What I can bring:
*Raid ready Resto Shammy, ilevel 489 mage and lock. Also a newly turned 90 priest (will have to work on getting it raid ready since it just hit 90 today)
*Friendly, always willing to help guildies.
*Raid experience in MSV, HoF and some ToT. Pretty fast learner too!
*Various profs as well.

Anyway, hope to hear some from some folks out there who are looking to add to their guild/team. Thanks in advance!!
HI, I was wondering if you would be willing to change to horde side? We have an opening for a healer and would love to have you join us.. we raid tues, wed and monday nights 8-10:30 server time EST. Please let me know!

add me if you want to talk Keania#1364
Please message Mangling, Chetchelios, or me in game so we can chat.

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