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Hello Blackrock!
I am new to the server, Prot / Holy Paladin, 450-ish iL for Prot, 409 iL for Holy. I am seeking to join a 10 man Progression guild asa casual with the intent on taking a spot (heals or tank, does not matter) within a week of joining said guild.
As soon as MoP dropped, I hit 90 - geared a little bit, then took a semi-break as I am seeking a guild.

Thank You!
hhh(H) High Class (10man)

6/6 Heroic MV
6/6 Heroic HoF
3/4 Heroic ToES
1/13 Heroic ToT

Raid Schedule in PST:
Tuesday: 9pm-12am
Wednesday: 9pm-12am
Thursday: 9pm-12am

Loot: Loot Council with priority based on largest upgrade, progression needs, fair distribution.

What we expect:
- Exceptional players that research encounters and their class thoroughly.
- Be 18 or older and in control of your schedule.
- Mumble installed and a working mic.

What we offer:
- Gems/Enchants/Potions/Flasks/Repairs for raids.
- A friendly environment.
- Serious progression raiding on a 9 hour schedule.

Bibbz of Blackrock (US)
Pyroxi of Blackrock (US)
Pyroxi#1733 (Battle-tag)
Sorry man, two issues with the guild...

- Mumble installed and a working mic.

I personally do not like mumble, compared to TS and Vent it sucks, my opinion.

Loot Council with priority based on largest upgrade, progression needs, fair distribution.

EVERY guild on EVERY server that I have been to that uses Loot Council, is NOT fair. If your guild cant use a MS/OS /roll and get along, something is wrong (again, my opinion - no disrespect).

Still seeking guild!!
Hey, how's it goin! Apocalyptian is a tightly knit group of friends looking for casual raiders to fill our second 10m progression group or backup raiders for our existing 10m group. We'd love to have you as a tank or heals, we have room for either.

Our raiding schedule for the second group is yet to be configured, we want to get a schedule once it's full so that it will work for everyone. The current 10m group's raiding schedule is 5pm ST till whenever on Mondays and Thursdays, although a lot of us are in college, so that will open up once summer starts.

We require our raiders to read up on the fights, and use Skype for communication. During our raids, we use a standard MS/OS roll system for loot.

Since our guild had some technical issues at the start of MoP, we got a late start on progression, but we are working our way towards ToT at the moment.

If you have any questions, please contact Dxtmukk, Nerast, or Ahhchü in game or reply here in the forums.

Put some effort into getting your gear upgraded, say ilvl 500+, then maybe a 10 man will take you seriously.

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