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I was attempting to shrink down objects of the UI with the MoveAnything addon and upon shrinking my bags, I lost the ability to open all bags by pressing B. I have removed the addon because of this problem and the likelihood that it could produce additional trouble.

I enjoyed the feature of pressing B to open just the backpack and pressing it with the backpack open to open all bags. Does anyone know of a way to fix this problem?

I have attempted:
1) Deleting the Cache/WTF folders that I saw on a problem someone else had
2) Resetting the settings that the addon provided
3) Resetting key bindings
4) Reinstalling World of Warcraft
Um this isn't how the default works. There is a keybind in blizz keybindings and if you want B to open all bags you assign it so. Same goes for one bag (backpack). You give it a keybind if you want to open just backpack.
What you're describing could have been a feature of an addon maybe?
Before I added any addons, it was a feature that it would open all bags by pressing B when the default bag was opened with B. I know it was not an addon's feature unless it was a preset feature from Blizzard Addons provided, but when I reinstalled World of Warcraft, and didn't put anything in the Addons folder, it still did not bring it back so I have no idea where it came from. I also checked the Interface but found nothing that clued me in on how to restore it.
Keep in mind default bags behaviour that you remember may have changed when they revamped it to open all bags automatically at vendors/bank and so on.
I know it's not doing it atm and I have no bag mods.
If the change happen within the last week or so then maybe. I just started back up on WoW about two weeks ago and it was still available.
No no this was before MoP hit. It wouldn't have been that then.
But I honestly don't know what to tell ya. I don't see it on my setup and if you deleted wtf/cache/interface (make sure wow is off when you do it) and you reinstalled wow too, there's definitely nothing wrong with your setup.
You sure you don't have multiple wow installations?
I'm sure it was off when I deleted the files. I also made sure to uninstall World of Warcraft before reinstalling it.

In the computer world, you cannot delete an active file. If you somehow are able to delete a file you have active, it can form serious memory issues for the computer. Installing something that exists already throws errors and other problems.
If you delete interface or cache or wtf while wow is running, they'll be recreated when they're used, on the fly. Which is why deleting then while wow is running is pointless.

As for installing something that already exists, it's a common issue, multiple wow installations. Wow isn't quite like other programs. It's self contained and you can happily have multiple copies of it on your computer. Occasionally blizz will change the default path for install and people, not knowing this will just click through and hit OK which is how they end up with multiple wow installations. Right click your wow shortcut and see where it points you.
The only thing I can think of that explains the sudden change in behaviour is running a different copy of wow and so deleting the wrong wtf.

If that isn't it, then I don't know what it could be. If no mods are modifying this behaviour and you've only noticed it this week then something had to change. There were no patches or changes in wow and this is how wow behaves so I don't see any other reason for this to happen.
In my initial post, I said in my attempt to re-size the bags with MoveAnything, the feature was lost. So my problem is not "how did I lose A", it is how do I get the functionality back.
Well I tried searching for solutions and came up short but while I was looking I came across comments about a change to the old system when B was changed to naturally open all bags. I'm guessing my key bindings from before the Lich king were stored on the server and so when I came back, it used the old way, which I was extremely happy and comfortable with.

I guess I need to hunt for a bag addon that I can be satisfied with or figure out how to code an If/else key binding, whichever I can figure out first.... >_<
If you want to revert what the patch did:
But I don't know if it'll do what you're describing. It changes the current auto open all bags at vendor/bank to previous open only backpack at vendor/bank . You're describing something else though that might have been a silent change along with the change i mentioned. You can give it a try though, see if it turns it back to what you want.
No it doesn't restore the function I described. It shows how to open a Backpack in the code. It doesn't show how to create a dynamic key binding either.
Ah well, you're right that you might need to do custom scripting in that case.
Yeah. I've checked a ton of websites regarding World of Warcraft API and the codes available. I couldn't find anything about checking bag states but to no avail. I also tried just simple coding to see if I could guess and check to find it but I couldn't get my code to work so I think I'm going to have to suck it up and look for an unsatisfying result. I really like the old bag system too. I don't see how people can say "I don't like WoW's bag system".

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