Molten Core Swim Team (H) Is Recruiting!

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Come give us a try! :) Do it! We have cookies!
:( I just finished leveling my horde alt wished I had seen your recruiting would have join so you got the xp, cause I love the name.

(Not very active on Horde side)
You're always welcome to create another horde toon if you get tired of the alliance! :)

there, I said it.
Bumpage! :D
i didnt think the horde side was populated on this server
It is populated just not as much as the alliance, lol.
Hi I am looking to transfer off of my realm onto Proudmoore possibly. I'm concerned with the activity of the Horde as I know it is a very Alliance-heavy server. If anyone has any information on the activeness of pugs, raids, etc I would be very appreciative!
Yes, it is Alliance-heavy and it always has been. As for PUGS and raids.. people are always posting stuff in trade/general chat. There's always someone trying to put groups together. :)
Bump for a great gname and justice.

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