(A) Lock LF casual / raiding guild

Straight to the point, I'm looking for a guild that runs in the late evening on either Tuesday or Wednesday (when I say this i mean Tuesday as in Monday evening into Tuesday morning, aka Tuesday @ 1AM etc) I work graveyards and have a 3 month old daughter so my days (or nights as the case may be, haha) off are my only real leisure raiding time available to me so looking for a guild that fits.

Little bout my history, Started on Dragonmaw in Vanilla, ran a 40 man guild through Naxx40 at widow, changed to an offtank in the BC era on Proudmoore and finished every raid through Sunwell. In WotLK raided till early ICC when I switched to Horde. I've finished every raid to come out at every teir save for Firelands (completed after DS came out) H ICC and HDS completed at there respective times.

I do realize my gear isn't the best, this is a rerolled main as my previous main was Horde. I'll be gearing myself up shortly as time allows.

Thanks for reading!


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