Help reading WoL Results on a TOT run (Rogue)

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Not impress with my DPS tonight. am lost for an explanation, guessing maybe gear of fact Combat Sucks until 4xT15 pcs. Please help dissect WoL with me. I know some Trix up keep was low, and also interupts. This is my 1st major run past 1st boss, so based on what i saw on Youtube strats i was winging it but still no excuse for this crappy dps. mean I know i can do better cause i see better figures in T14 instances and ToT LFR. Papamidnyte is my toons name.

THx in advance
I don't do rogues so I'll give some general advice. Have a look at this link:

Yes, you are a bit low but I would sit down and compare your gear (holistically) with the other DPS in your group.

Look at your flasks, pots etc.

Remember DPS whoring can impact on the DPS performance of others (DPS needs time to average out so it's important to really only pay attention to the long haul boss fights and ignore the trash).

Head to the Rogue forums and ask for some advice. If they aren't helpful, see if there is a rogue specific site on the net (I know there are some great friendly ones for Balance Druids and Locks, so I'll assume Rogues will have one somewhere). People love to pour over people's toons and pick apart stats, gems, chants, reforging etc. It could be something really simple like putting one spell before another that makes the difference.

But sometimes, like you mentioned, you can just suck until you get that Tier bonus. Seems to happen a lot which is something I really dislike about the game atm :\

Good luck! :)

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