WTS Profession Leveling Kits 1-600

Looking to sell Profession leveling kits! Great time to switch up those profession for Mists Of Pandaria for your main, or finally get some professions on that alt of yours! I am currently selling profession kits that are guaranteed to get you from 1 - 600 skill in the profession of your choice. I currently support all professions. All kits are intended to be used with the guides found at wow-professions. For every additional kit that you buy, you get a 10% discount. And for every paying customer that you refer to me, I'll credit you 10% of their total sale.



The Receiving Process:

Once an order has been completed it will be stored in my Alt guild bank. You will be invited to guild (doesn't have to be your main you can do this with an non-guilded alt) and be placed at the "Inspector" rank. At this point you will double check your profession kit with the material list found at wow-professions guides for your profession. Once you approve of your kit BOTH parties will type out the terms of the transaction in party chat and agree to them. (This is to have in game logs for Gm's to refer to should either party attempt any shady business). Once both parties have agreed in party chat, funds will be deposited inside the guild bank. Once funds have been received you will be promoted to a "Buyer" rank and be given free reign over the bank tabs containing your kit. I will stay online for the entire duration of your leveling process so if you happen to come up short on materials for whatever reason I'll supply the mats necessary to continue leveling.

Note: Vendor Materials are not included in the price. Skill-ups in professions are sometimes luck based. If you come up short don't worry, I'll purchase all materials needed to continue the leveling process at my cost. Also, patterns which cost Spirit of Harmony you will need to farm these on your own. I will provide you with the materials to reach 600 but you will need to gather your own Spirit of Harmony.


If you're looking to minimize costs, this isn't the service for you. If you're after a quick and painless leveling experience, this is your best option.

Kits are done in the order they were received.
hey was wondering if you were still around? if you are add my battle tag DHeighway#6452
Still around just hit me up when your ingame.
Vouching for this great service and really helpful i recommend it :)
Purchased 2x profession kits from Excellus, both were supplied quickly and at a reasonable price. Would buy again.
u guys do realise u can do this yourselves using google lol
u guys do realise u can do this yourselves using google lol

There may come a day when you post an intelligent comment Staburmum...

are you still around I am looking fo ran enginering kit
also want to know if your still doing this.
Can a horde do this?
I am back off my short break. If anyone is looking for a kit post here or send me an ingame mail.
I'm looking to buy a JC'ing kit or two. will pm ingame.
can you put your battle tag thing down... pretty keen on a few kits.
Sent you an ingame mail Police please get back to me.
Hi - im interested as discussed in the Blacksmith 1-600 kit
I'm interested in multiple kits, please add me Spliff#1580
Currently working on a few kits. Spliff and Police I will contact you both shortly once these kits are completed.
Hi micro, I'm looking to buy more again please pst or send me a mail in game.
Awesome service, 2 kits were done up pretty fast.

Will be buying more in the future, Thanks.

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