WTS Profession Leveling Kits 1-600

I am working on a few kits atm for a client once those are done I will be taking a week off to gather and then I will be back open for business.

I think I am going to be open 3 weeks a month with 1 week off.

Will keep you all informed.
Hey Micro!
I would be interested in purchasing an Engineering kit from you, however is it entirely possible to only purchase whatever is necessary to reach 500 rather than 600?

Also, what is the estimated time required to reach said levels, seeing as you claim you remain online during the levelling process to ensure all materials are enough to level up.

Look forward to hearing from you.
Once I finish this set of kits I am working on. I will be taking a week off from doing kits. I only do kits from 1-600 I do not do 1-500. Kits being used take 1-2hrs to complete.

Though most clients tend to remove the items from the guild bank and go do other things than level the profession right away.

I do get whispers once in a great while asking for some extra mats. I go get the mats and give them the mats as I am able to.

It all depends on the clients needs and wants really. I try to provide the best quality of service I can.

But, if you are wanting a 1-500 I am afraid I am not the person for the job.
interest in Engineer + enchanter..

add my battletag Grimhail #1692
I'm looking into utilizing this type of service on my realm. I have an estimate from someone who does not seem to be familiar with it, thought. May I ask what you charge for a blacksmithing kit strictly for comparison's sake? Thanks.
Hi, can I ask how much these will cost each?


I'm interested in a leatherworking kit, add my btag "overslept#1467"
Hey i'm interested in buying engineering and possibly enchanting too.
Could you do 450 kits?

Need them for my twink lol.
How much are you taking for a 1-600 JC pack?

add my btag catalyst#1628
Intrested in a enchanting one if possible, hit me up ingame or on my btag: deathshadow#1809
I realise the above post was a necro but if by any chance you are still doing this:

I'll take a JC kit plz
i'm interested in a leatherworking kit, add me: xeggie#1539

currently on another server but will be xferring to frostmourne ally by tonight.
hey im looking to buy a LW kit add me on skype jason_callahan1992 or add BT AAV#1738
Hey i would be interested in a Tailoring kit, please message me with price. add my btag and get in touch asap please. (Thebane#1869)
Also interested in a tailoring kit, let me know a price! deezylawson#1921
Hello! I Would be interested in a kit, preferably a money making proffession you would recommend. I may order a kit for my wife also, if the price is right. Send me a pm if you get the time :)
Heya im interested in buying a jewelcrafting kit for myself
Interested in enchanting kit, add Samtism#1372
Interested in Tailoring and enchanting kits. Add Gofferchuck#1213

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