[H] [Area 52] 9/12 10-man ToT LF Tank

Aerie Peak
Plan B is 9/12 ToT. In tier 14, our heroic progress was 6/6 HM MSV and 1/6 HM HoF. We currently have a core position open in our 10-man raid for a tank and are looking to progress quickly into HM raiding this tier.

Recruiting: Prot Warrior, Blood DK, or Brewmaster (around 500+ ilevel and previous hard mode raiding experience preferred)

Raid Schedule: Thurs/Sun/Mon 8-11 PM server (EST)

About Plan B

The intent of Plan B is to create an atmosphere free of the general asshattery that seems to be so prevalent on World of Warcraft and the internet in general these days. The ability to simply change names and/or transfer servers has taken all accountability out of people's actions.

Either people forget that there's a real person behind the characters we play, or they simply don't care. Others might put up with it because the individual is a good raider or a good PvPer, and they're more worried about progression and the next tier of loot than decency and civility.

Not in Plan B.

We have three tenets:

1.Have integrity.
2.Treat others with respect.
3.Have fun.

Most of our members are older. However, we also have some younger, college age members as well. As long as you're mature and don't devolve into an internet bully while you hide safely behind your computer screen, we'd be happy to have you.

Website: http://www.planbguild.com

Iophiel (Rainne#1828)
Joseph (Joey#1961)
ßo (IkesFolly#1173)
Zaphappy (David#1746)

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